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We all want to protect our pets from fleas, ticks and the diseases they carry, but some treatments can come with nasty side effects.

Every good pet parent wants to keep fleas off his dog, but many worries about the side effects that can accompany various flea and tick treatments. Fortunately for conscientious dog moms and dads, Simparica offers a once-a-month chewable treatment that is FDA-approved and safe for Fido, taking the guesswork out of fighting fleas and ticks.

Like other oral treatments, Simparicaworks by entering a dog’s bloodstream immediately after ingestion. When fleas or ticks bite, they are exposed to its FDA-approved ingredient sarolaner, the insecticide, and acaricide that kills parasites fast. Sarolanerstarts fighting fleas within three hours and begins to kill ticks after 8 hours—including the lone star tick, black-legged tick, brown dog tick, American dog tick, and Gulf Coast tick. Because this ingredient works differently on invertebrates than mammals, however, Simparica for dogs has been proven safe during field trials.

Simparicaworks by impacting the nervous system of invertebrates such as fleas and ticks. The innovative formula disrupts gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate receptors, which both play a role in nerve transmissions. GAGA-gated channels help to calm nerve transmissions, which sarolaner alters, creating an influx of nerve transmissions. At the same time, it opens glutamate-gated channels, which adds to the flood of nerve communications. The results are fatal for fleas and ticks but safe for mammals such as your dog.

Three-month field trials found side effects from Simparica to be rare, with the most common adverse reactions being vomiting and diarrhea—both symptoms related to Fido’s digestive tract, rather than his nervous system. In isolated cases, however, dogs displayed more serious reactions such as tremors, muscle twitching, and seizures. Simparica is available by prescription only, so discuss any history your dog has of seizure disorders with your veterinarian when determining the best flea and tick treatment for your pet.

In addition to killing fleas and several kinds of ticks, Simparicais effective in preventing and treating mange and ear mites. Thanks to its innovative formula, the treatment continues to work for 35 days, providing long-lasting relief from parasites and the diseases they carry. Simparica is available in different doses for dogs 2.8 pounds and over, but has not been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or nursing pets. Discuss Simparica chewable treats with your veterinarian when looking for a safe, effective way to arm your dog against biting parasites and the diseases they carry.


Cheryl Bell - Comment
Cheryl Bell23 May 2017Reply
Is it possible that Simparica could cause neurological issues with my dog. He was diagnosed with "Sundowners" . I have noticed that he hardly needs no meds for this neurological issue near the end of the month. I give my dogs Simparica at the beginning of each month. Just wondering?
Laura - Comment
Laura23 May 2017Reply
I say yes! My dog steadily went downhill after I gave her the first dose of simparica. After about 2.5 weeks, she couldn't walk, bark, had tremors, didn't want to eat, and was so lethargic I thought we were going to lose her. Her heartbeat was more of a vibration than a beat and the vet wanted her to see a cardiologist. The cardiologist found no heart condition that would cause this. After about a week, she started to improve. This is happening now and she is still nowhere near 100% but I am hopeful that she will eventually fully recover. She is only 6 and was so full of life and energy. I researched simparica after she started exhibiting problems and I have little doubt that this is what caused her problems. I am giving her supplements to support her heart and nerves and she's a little better each day. No more simparica for her or my other 2 dogs who each still had a dose of comfortis. No simparica for them either!
Jhenelle - Comment
Jhenelle23 May 2017Reply
Hi Laura, How is you pup doing one after getting off simparica? Our dog has had 2 Seizures this month and we are going to stop using Simparica. We think that the drug is the cause of the seizures .
Katie Duffey  - Comment
Katie Duffey 23 May 2017Reply
Hi Laura, just wondering what supplements you gave your pup to help and how long it took for her to get back to herself after simparica. I am currently in the same situation and we are at day 16 after giving simparica. Thank you in advance
Becky - Comment
Becky23 May 2017Reply
What is a good replacement? I need to tell my vet to switch! Mine has tremors once in a while and now I know why! No more of this med!
Sara Peterson - Comment
Sara Peterson23 May 2017Reply
Hello! Would you mind sharing what happened with your pup? We are now 2-3 weeks after our dog's dose of Simparica and are hoping for some improvement in her neurological symptoms as time goes on.
Katie Duffey  - Comment
Katie Duffey 23 May 2017Reply
We are now at about 45 days since last simparica and he is back to his old self. And has been for about 3 weeks. We did a cortisone pack to help him manage his "arthritis" symptoms that I totally feel were related to the simparica. Never ever again with this med for him. My vets comment was I would know if his symptoms were related if at time for next dose his symptoms were gone... they are gone.
Don - Comment
Don23 May 2017Reply
Gave our pup of 10 years the Simparica Trio as suggested by our vet 1 week ago instead of the Simparica and Interceptor he had been on for 7 years with no problems.

7 days later (today) he experienced his first seizure. gulping and eating everything in site for 15 min. scaring both of us, and scaring him during this episode. We read articles and watched available videos and found this was exactly the same situation we had just gone through.

I fear we will need to keep him caged for about another month until this Simparica Trio stuff wears off.

We are hoping that this is now NOT a permanent issue that will impact him for life.

At $500 for a years supply it seems like more of a sales job by the vet/pharma team more do than a safe treatment fit our pet for protection from ticks and further lyme issues due to our geographic area.

I will attempt to return the years supply i purchased and go back to a safer solution.

Nothing else has changed in his environment other than this. Her has been on standard Simparica and Interceptor for 5 years with NO issues at all.

Now 7 days after taking Simparica Trio he has started these seizures....

Please be careful out there.

Sometimes a mixed martini like this TRIO is more dangerous than individual treatments.
Tina - Comment
Tina23 May 2017Reply
Nexgard is what I am going back to!
I gave my Dog 1 dose and he's been Uncontrollably Shaking with Tremors, NO MORE!!! I will go back to Nexgard and Heartguard!!!
Sara Peterson - Comment
Sara Peterson23 May 2017Reply
Best of luck. Two weeks after I made the post above our girl started having seizures and we had to put her down. Seems like it was directly related to the medication. We reported it with the company and they are reimbursing for vet bills, maybe you can report as well. If there are enough reports they may have to pull it off the market until further safety tests can be done.
Laura - Comment
Laura23 May 2017Reply
My sweet, funny, smart as can be baby girl died on 9/26/20. She had some good days and we were hopeful but ultimately, she steadily declined. Over time, I spent 7k to save here but to no avail. There was no clear diagnosis but it was clearly neurological. It still makes me sick to think about her last month we miss her so much.
Riley - Comment
Riley23 May 2017Reply
Hey Sara I was wondering how you contacted Simparica because after taking her to animal emergency room then the vet next day. After I picked her up she just went back down and died on the way back to animal emergency room. It is a very traumatic experience that I saw my 1 year old dog go through and now no lo ever here. This medicine needs to be stopped.
A - Comment
A23 May 2017Reply
You keep your dog cages? You’re an idiot then! Sorry but keeping it caged due to a suspected side effect is is uncalled for. Poor dog prob thinks HE did something wrong. Maybe don’t have a dog. You seem like an idiot
Don - Comment
Don23 May 2017Reply
That’s me!!!!

And idiot. I suppose it’s better to let him wonder the house and eat things that could lodge in his intestines and require either either surgery or euthanasia. You’re 100% right… due to no fault of the dogs or myself, we should take the risk of letting him run free. Whatever happens will be after all… meant to be! Great idea.
Don - Comment
Don23 May 2017Reply
As a Followup. It’s now about May 16th 2021.

Our pup of 10 years made it through about 40 days woth multiple episodes. Thank god he wasn’t impacted by this that we can tell. We put him back on previous meds and everything is ok. He is back to 100% normal (for him!! ☺️)!

This trio fiasco could of cost us our pup. Please don’t go with the flow… anything “New and Improved” is t always better. Good luck to everything out there…
C - Comment
C23 May 2017Reply
Has anyone's dog broke out with a rash on the belly
Ann - Comment
Ann23 May 2017Reply
Yes very itchy and rash
Margaret - Comment
Margaret23 May 2017Reply
I have a miniature schnauzer at her last check up the doctor gave us the simpatico because he no longer sold the topical one I have used for years. I have always used topical tx. She has been itching uncontrollably since I gave her the simparica. I thought maybe it was just a allergy break out which she's never had this long now I'm wondering if she's continuing to have a reaction. How long did the itching last with your pet
Carol - Comment
Carol23 May 2017Reply
What kind of supplements are you giving her? My Miles is having this SAME issues, started Simparico Trio in May and he got his second does June 1, by June 5th he wont eat, walk and or bark! only 7 yrs old and I still considered a puppy b/c of how active he was, we are on 8 days now of the lethargic not eating, goopy eyes - Dr says he has hyernaited disc but I have yet to see the xrays to confirm - blood work came back normail.
Bibi - Comment
Bibi23 May 2017Reply
Hi, my dog is having these same issues right now and I’m dying. Can you tell me if your dog is back to normal now?!?!
Robyn  - Comment
Robyn 23 May 2017Reply
Our miniature schnauzer has been extremely thirsty and itchy to the point of biting until he bleeds. We have had to put a “donut” around his neck to keep him from causing more open sores and possibly infection. He took simparica trio 3 weeks ago and I can’t wait until it’s out of his system! How long did the itchiness last for your schnauzer?
Bibi - Comment
Bibi23 May 2017Reply
Hi, I’m wondering what’s going on with your dog now? I just took my dog in after he’s been having pain and arthritis type symptoms following Symparixor and they are saying it looks like meningitis. Did you ever do an MRI or spinal tap? I’m worried sick.
Bibi - Comment
Bibi23 May 2017Reply
Our guy is having pain and is showing arthritic symptoms. I took him in today and they think it might be meningitis. I’m convinced it was caused by this drug. They want $5k to do a spinal tap and MRI. Idk what to do…
Carol Davis - Comment
Carol Davis23 May 2017Reply
Same here! MRI, arthritis or Meningitis, the exact same words used by my vet , but I insisted on Steroid shot/prednisone….it has helped! He is 80% …it’s been 27 days since 2nd dose of Simparico….hoping we turned the corner! Hearing 35-40 to leave systems.
Robyn - Comment
Robyn23 May 2017Reply
If you haven’t already done so, please call the simparica trio phone number and report your dogs symptoms. I did and they said they are going to report it to the FDA.
Riley - Comment
Riley23 May 2017Reply
Some years back my husband gave vet approved & sold oral flea/tic medication to each of our 2 Standard Poodles. The older of the 2 Poodles seemed to do fine but my younger Poodle who was about 3 years old was definitely affected and we had a difficult time even getting him to eat for at least 2 weeks. We ended up encouraging him to eat something by spoon feeding him. We were so upset - I vowed to never use oral flea treatment again. This medication must really be strong to do Flea tic and heart worm etc. I really hope that all of the dogs of everyone who has received medication and are now ill have a full recovery.
Bibi - Comment
Bibi23 May 2017Reply
The neurologist I went to would not give him steroids until I did the spinal tap and MRI. My poor puppy has to go under anesthesia on top of
everything else. The results were exactly as I expected, no infection! So they gave him the steroids and yesterday he did great, no pain, eating, but today he’s crying a bit from pain even with the steroids and pain killers :( did you experience this with your dog? Did the meningitis type pain come and go even after steroids. My god what is this awful drug?!?! It has wrecked my dog. Also did you let the company/FDA know? I feel like the more we tell them the more likely they are to help others. I kept telling them I know of others who said meningitis but they would not tell the neurologist to just give the steroids and forget the diagnostic tests. I swear it’s also a money making thing for them. Argh. I know your pup is better! Would appreciate any feedback you can give me on how he did on the steroids.
RD - Comment
RD23 May 2017Reply
I lost my dog due to Simparica Trio. I have reached out to the company but one email bounced and the other was an online form. Do you have contact details that you can share with me.
I am sorry for your loss....I am so devastated too.
Bibi  - Comment
Bibi 23 May 2017Reply
Hi, I was just wondering how long you continued on with the steroids with your puppy. I’m at the 30 day mark from giving him the symparico and he no longer has pain but they want to continue him on a 4-6 months treatment of steroids as if it’s meningitis but I don’t love the idea because the steroids have side effects too. Argh.
Leslie - Comment
Leslie23 May 2017Reply
Thank you for this information. We are currently going through this with our nine year old dachshund. He first started with seizures and losing weight in June after giving him Simparica. After about 35 days he was back to normal. A week ago I gave him Trifexis because he had been on it a few years ago....the next night he had a seizure. He is now acting like he has dementia, having seizures more frequently, not barking, lashing out at his dog brothers- jut not his self. We are closely monitoring him. His vet doesn't think it has anything to do with the Trifexis but I cannot help but think it IS because he was just fine the day before I gave it to him! I am hopeful he will make it through the next few weeks.
Cindy - Comment
Cindy23 May 2017Reply
I gave my black lab mix Simparica for the 1st time on 4/1. After 9 days he began vomitting, even water, and mouth chattering like he was scared. I fed him a diet of boiled chicken and rice for 3 days and began to introduce his food which is a limited ingredient type. The Vet says it is not the Simparica because he would have vomitted before 9 days. Maybe? But today, after he ate dinner and drank water, it all came back up. He has been low energy since. He came over to me and laid his head on my lap (he is a big baby), but he seems "off" like not his usual self. He is my first dog, he is 5yrs old now, and this is all new. I had to give him flea prevention because he goes to Daycare. He had a problem with severe biting a few months back and Vet said he most likely allergic to fleas (bites). Vet trip and meds $400! I dont like the idea if ingestible medicine that kills fleas. Random vomitting is no fun either.
Kalene Schwartz - Comment
Kalene Schwartz23 May 2017Reply
Yes I’m in the same boat steroids have helped but I want to step him off of them they want him in them long term as they say this is for sure meningitis I just don’t agree
Raeann  - Comment
Raeann 23 May 2017Reply
Omg my girl goes threw incredible itching this has lead to us takeing her to the vet because she gets infected from scratching herself to death. Then giving more drugs for itching. It just dawned on me to look and see if this drug might be the reason. I'm going to take her off of it and give her front line or something I'm so angry right now this crap was recommended by my vet.
Mag - Comment
Mag23 May 2017Reply
Hello! Hope your dog is doing well .my dog had clear neurological changes after taking Simparica trio .his tounge just hangs out of his mouth now and that was never the case prior to Simparica,also has tremors and shakes he never previously experienced.also major weight gain even though no increase in diet .i decided to take my pet off of simparico even though the vet strongly engouraged we remain on it even though i explained the symptoms and changes I noticed in my pet ! Used my own intuition and knowledge to make a good choice for my pet .good luck to everyone one here ! 🌴☀️👏🏻
Anisha - Comment
Anisha23 May 2017Reply
My healthy six years old heidi also passed away after given simparica by her childhood vet causing seizures which got so bad u cudnt keep a count follower hy liver failure.dont give ny tick fleas medication orally
marabiyosa1@gmail.com - Comment
We need to stop giving our pets these pharmaceutical drugs that just end up damaging them. Search for natural remedies because these medications are the worst!
Nadia  - Comment
Nadia 14 Jul 2020Reply
I gave my dog his first dose today and 6 hours later he was throwing up and became frantic to get outside to eat grass. Although he didn’t continue throwing up and was fine otherwise, he was still outside 12 hours later eating grass. I’m switching back to the old stuff.
Erin Hall - Comment
Erin Hall25 Jul 2020Reply
Gave my dog Charlie Simparica yesterday now he is shaking and panting really bad. No appetite, not like Charlie. He seems dehydrated. I've tried Gatorade and Ginger ale but he only drank a little. What should I do?
Denise - Comment
Denise03 Aug 2020Reply
We gave Simparica two days ago and he's not had an appetite, he's eating grass, is drinking a lot of water and sleeping. How long do the side effects last? We wont be using this medicine ever again!
Judi - Comment
Judi05 Aug 2020Reply
Gave Simparica to my dog yesterday. Today he won’t eat, is sleeping all day, and when he is up he is panting heavily. I’m done with this drug!
Kathy - Comment
Kathy05 Aug 2020Reply
I gave this Simparica Trio to my dog 2 days a ago, he is 7 days short of 14 yrs of age, He would not eat and drank very little for 2 days after giving this to him Never again want my Trifecta back had no problems
Toni wallet - Comment
Toni wallet10 Aug 2020Reply
I gave my precious puppy this and 12 hours later
He is having profuse diarrhea, urinating constantly and he is supper agitated
My vet did not tell me anything about the side effects
Delmy  - Comment
Delmy 10 Aug 2020Reply
Wow same thing happened to my puppy 🤮🐶😞
Linda  - Comment
Linda 10 Aug 2020Reply
How long did your dog have dirreha duke his pill Monday and he hasn’t had a normal poop
Delmy  - Comment
Delmy 10 Aug 2020Reply
He had soft poop right after I give him the pill then got worse yellow diarrhea for about a week also vomiting he fine now they changed the medication.
Mindy  - Comment
Mindy 10 Aug 2020Reply
I gave my six-year-old dog SIM perica because the combo guard was on back order. She's not drinking water or eating all she wants to do is sleep
Amber - Comment
Amber10 Aug 2020Reply
Any advice on the diarrhea? Our vet gave us this medication for our 8 week old Great Dane puppy. He eats and drinks fine but looks like we haven’t fed him in days. He has horrible water like stools. He isn’t losing weight but really looks horrible.
Dmitry - Comment
Dmitry10 Aug 2020Reply
Hi, how long it took for the diarrhea to go away.
Camella Johnson - Comment
Camella Johnson12 Aug 2020Reply
I am sure simparica caused a fatal seizure in my boxer. She passed away soon after taking this medication. I will never use this product again!!!!! I advise all pet owners to know the side effects. My veterinarian did not warn me of these and now my precious boxer is gone!!!!!
Wendy - Comment
Wendy16 Aug 2020Reply
I feel so sad for you Camelia. Thank you for giving information on what happened to your dog. Our new vet has recommended Simperica, but I won’t be giving it to my Collie.
John - Comment
John21 Aug 2020Reply
Gave my 28lb German Spitz her monthly prescibed dose of Simparica. Not long after ingesting the chewable she began to have tremors, but not full blown seizures. Tremors continued, on and off, for 2 hours. Took her to her Vet where I was told she had another tremor. They could either keep her there for observation or I could take her home to observe her. I took her home. She's been given this dosage for over a year. First time for this adverse reaction. 5 hours after the dose she's home resting. I'll continue to watch her.
Brooke - Comment
Brooke21 Aug 2020Reply
How long did these symptoms last? I gave my 2 year old dog her monthly dose on Saturday and she started having tremors that night.
Joey - Comment
Joey22 Aug 2020Reply
gave this to my dog three different times. This time he is having seizures. He will be laying then start shaking all over..Has tremors every 5 minutes for 2 hours now.
Martha Davenport - Comment
Martha Davenport13 Sep 2017Reply
Gave this to my dogs and now he sleeps all the time and tired and has symptoms now like droopy right side weakness can’t blink right eye and drooling like bell’s palsy
Tizzo  - Comment
Tizzo 13 Sep 2017Reply
This happened the same to my dog.. how si going now with your pet?
Charlene - Comment
Charlene13 Sep 2017Reply
I am up writing this 4 a.m. since our Lambchop is too restless to sleep! Never happened before. Gave Simparica yesterday and am suspect. Has odd agitated swallowing when not eating anything. He's a 1 1/2 y.o. Coton de Tulear.
Helen - Comment
Helen13 Sep 2017Reply
Hi Charlene, can you elaborate on agitated swallowing? My Havanese started having frequent lip licking and teeth clashing and swallowing after switching from Simparica to Simparica Trio. Those jaw spasms have decreased but were pretty alarming in Dec and January. Thanks!
Richelle - Comment
Richelle13 Sep 2017Reply
My vet prescribed my 16 week old puppy this drug because of a skin irritation. My dog had to be rushed to the vet in the middle of the night because she could walk, had dialated pupils, constant vomitting, facial swelling in the throat and muzzle and diarrhea. She is still in the vet since 3am. My vet never mentioned that puppies under 6months cannot be prescribed this medication. Still waiting to find out of she has progressed. Very dissapointed with my vet for not informing me of the risk this has on my dog.
Abby - Comment
Abby13 Sep 2017Reply
I just almost had a similar incident with my 16wk cavapoo. His skin became itchy and his eyes were too. He scratched at them which made it worse. Thankfully I have had experience with dealing with this with my kids and relatives so I dosed him with Benadryl. All the swelling went down immediately and the itching went away too.

He is never EVER having this again.
Pat - Comment
Pat13 Sep 2017Reply
This drug has caused our dog to loose his footing and not eat. He looked like he was having spasms. Doing better now, 2 days later. No more Simparica for him.
John - Comment
John13 Sep 2017Reply
Our dog has not been given another dose. I will be speaking to vet to switch to something else. The reaction lasted less than 12 hours. She's been fine since. Doubtful our dog will be given Simparica again.
Dave - Comment
Dave13 Sep 2017Reply
we gave our dane Simperica Brown about a day or so ago and all the sudden my sweet girl is having seizures. Never had them ever and she's only 3 1/2 yrs old. Still waiting on the vet and waiting to talk to ASPCA poison control. Furious that this out there for pets. Vets at Petsmart should know better; changing vets
Kim Kelly  - Comment
Kim Kelly 13 Sep 2017Reply
My Irish setter is weak on her left side, left side of her face is drooping and she now carries her head with a tilt to the left. It has been 20 days since I gave her the prescribed dose of Simparica. The issues started within 24 hours of the dose and continue. This was the first time she was given this drug and will be the last. I feel like this drug was pushed by my vet tech and veterinarian. My dog weighs 60 pounds and was given a dose for dogs up to 88 pounds. I feel like it was a massive overdose. She falls when she runs and when going up and down stairs. She’s not the carefree setter she was prior to this medication.
Jackie B - Comment
Jackie B13 Sep 2017Reply
Same thing has happened to my 5 month old puppy after taking simparica. Is your puppy better now and how long did his symptoms last for?
Nathalie - Comment
Nathalie04 월 2020 일Reply
This is terrible. We gave our 3.5 month old Aussie pup a dose of Simparica today (vet's prescription), and I did not see the warnings about giving it to dogs under 6 months. She had what seemed like a seizure 6 hours after ingesting this product--she was lying in her crate, she peed while lying down, and she vomited, then began rocking back and forth--and now I am terrified for her (it's Saturday, nearly midnight, so tomorrow is Sunday and everything is closed). I've spoken to emergency vets and they say they are booked solid and that I need to just monitor her through the night. She's wobbly on her feet and seems lopsided, although her eyes look ok; she is really lethargic and barely lifting her head. I'm just so angry that the vet prescribed this and I am mad at myself for not researching it.
Pj - Comment
Pj04 월 2020 일Reply
How is your puppy now after 7 months leases our 2 yr old frenchie just spent 3 days hospitalized and clearly has neurological symptoms. He is disoriented, his head just hangs and he is lifeless. Barely eats, but is drinking lots of water. Before he took his first doe of Simparica he was fast running, and flying through the house and yard. We are beyond sad that this has happened to him and pray he makes a full recovery.
alden - Comment
alden09 월 2020 일Reply
My Labradoodle had extreme diarrhea last night. My wife and I didn't understand why. After realizing that the only thing that we did differently was to give him his first dose of Simperica, my wife began research and came across this conversation. Thankfully there have been no other side effects. Thanks all for sharing your experiences. It really helped us to put this diarrhea condition in perspective.
Melanie  - Comment
Melanie 09 월 2020 일Reply
Can I ask how long the diarrhea lasted? I gave my 6 month old pup this medication on Monday morning and he’s had diarrhea since yesterday (Tuesday) afternoon.
Johe - Comment
Johe09 월 2020 일Reply
I gave our 9 month old mimi labradoodle her first dose of Simparica two days ago. All went well until this morning. She had terrible watery diarrhea and is not interested in eating. I too would like to know how long this symptom lasted in other dogs who experienced the same issue. I notified my vet and Zoetis, the company that makes this drug. The representative for the company says the half life is 16 days. I am worried!
Renee - Comment
Renee09 월 2020 일Reply
I gave our boy, Yogi his first dose of Simparica TRIO on 11/17/2020. The very next day he had diarrhea, and had it for 6 days. I called our Vet on the second day and they said they doubted very seriously that the Simparica would have give him diarrhea, and then told me that I should wait and see what happens with the next dose, because I had also told them that he had some drippings from some ground beef over his dog food the day before I gave him that first dose. My husband said that he felt like it would just make his coat shiny. So, I gave it to him. Now, here we are one month later and I just gave him the second dose about two hours ago. I must admit that I am pretty nervous about it, but we shall see. However, besides being nervous over the diarrhea, I am petrified about all of these people talking about seizures. Especially, Camelia who lost her furbaby because of a seizure that was apparently brought on by this medication. I PRAY that our baby is okay with this second dose. If by chance he starts having diarrhea again...I will not be using it anymore.
PJ - Comment
PJ09 월 2020 일Reply
How did your baby do please? Our baby isn’t the same at all since his one and only dose of Simparica. We are beyond sad and livid!
Alaina - Comment
Alaina09 월 2020 일Reply
I gave my 5 lb maltipoo a new flea treatment called Simparica and two weeks later she started having seizures. They have increased and worsened over the last 3 months. I’ve spent over $3,000 on vet bills for at least four visits to the ER and follow up lab work including X-rays. The vet has not been able to diagnose a cause. I even told them about the Simparica which they don’t respond to.
They put her on Phenobarbital to stop the seizures but cause her to be very wobbly and she’s been throwing up over the last two days and stopped eating today. How can I help of the manufacturer’s of Simparica responsible for causing so many dogs to experience these adverse and most likely permanent side effects.
Kristine  - Comment
Kristine 09 월 2020 일Reply
We are experiencing the same thing. How is your dog now?
Alaina Paris - Comment
Alaina Paris09 월 2020 일Reply
Kristine, unfortunately my sweet Dolly passed away on October 9th. She continued to have seizures even she was on phenobarbital. She couldn’t walk straight anymore and stopped eating. A week after I lost her I got COVID and was in the hospital for 20 days. I am continuing to recover at home and have to use an oxygen tank. Losing my Dolly devastated me and I wanted to warn others about Simparica but I got sick. The vet won’t acknowledge it was Simparica although Dolly had no problems with seizures before. It was the first time she had taken Simparica. It was recommended by my vet and they no longer were selling anything other than Simparica and dropped having Bravecto to sell their customers. They must get some kind of monetary bonus for only selling Simparica. Are their enough people to file a class action suit? And how do we get the word out to everyone?
Naomi - Comment
Naomi09 월 2020 일Reply
I'm so sorry. My dog is having seizures. I'm so scared
Rachael  - Comment
Rachael 10 월 2020 일Reply
Gave my dogs simparica and they both have lost their appetite! The king cavalier bichon mix seems to be ok just not eating much if at all. The Maltese mix is lethargic and won’t jump on bed or couch. I don’t know what to do to get this out of their system?? Please advise!
Breanna Williamson - Comment
Breanna Williamson10 월 2020 일Reply
Charcoal is a detox for medication.. i
It sure how it works on dogs but maybe do some research?
Jessie Orth - Comment
Jessie Orth10 월 2020 일Reply
This is what’s happening to our pup, can you please tell me how long it lasted? I’m so upset with myself
chelsea - Comment
chelsea10 월 2020 일Reply
I have the same exact mix--cavalier and bichon and she hasn't had a normal appetite in over 3 weeks now. How long did it last with your dog? Mine is due for another dose next week and I don't know what to do.
Jessie Orth - Comment
Jessie Orth10 월 2020 일Reply
Ours lasted about a week. He is back to his old self now but we will never give him this medication again.
Kathy Coyne - Comment
Kathy Coyne18 월 2020 일Reply
just gave my one year old dauchund her first dose of simparica My vet didnt tell me
Dave - Comment
Dave21 월 2020 일Reply
We gave our Yorkie this and she went into seizures later in the day...what if any thing can be done
Jayne - Comment
Jayne27 월 2020 일Reply
My beautiful boxer lost his appetite after just one dose of Simparica. The following day he would not even drink water.
After a vet visit, he was put on a good gastro food and probiotics and he seems to be back to his old self. In his case it was all a digestion side effect but a nasty one also with diarrhea.
Linda - Comment
Linda27 월 2020 일Reply
Duke is 7 month boxer And we have the simpatica on Monday and can’t believe this stools Hopefully it doesn’t last long
Kate - Comment
Kate14 Nov 2020Reply
I recently switched my 3.5 year old German Shepard to simparica and about 2 weeks after his first dose he had two seizures in one night and has NEVER had them before. We rushed him to the emergency vet and they put him on keppra to stop the seizures. But im 99% sure the simparica is what caused it. And im so mad that my vet didn't inform me of the side effects and im so mad I didn't research it myself.
Lori  - Comment
Lori 14 Nov 2020Reply
Kate - did the seizures eventually stop?
Andrea Dansby  - Comment
Andrea Dansby 15 Nov 2020Reply
The vet just gave our 16lb shorkie this on Tuesday and he still has the tremors really bad and very lethargic, I’m very worried and concerned. Anything I can do for him? Thank you
Linda Blossom - Comment
Linda Blossom15 Nov 2020Reply
Do you have a homeopathic vet in your area?
charles lews - Comment
charles lews18 Nov 2020Reply
We gave our 13 yr old lab mix this medicine as our doctor doesn't carry trifexis anymore. Eight hours later and she has terrible diarrhea and vomiting, now she is not eating. She spent 4 nights at the University of Auburn emergency room and vet clinic. I went and picked her up today and all she does is lay around and drink water, turns her nose up at anything food related. I am so beyond mad, what can I do to get this out of her system and better yet what can we do to get this product off the market.
Cindy - Comment
Cindy18 Nov 2020Reply
My Lab mix has had 2 doses of this med. First dose was on 4/1 and 9 days later he was vomiting goop (yellow thick goo), he would drink water and vomit. Eat grass and vomit. This went on for 4 hours. Vet said "cant be Simparica because he had 9 days ago". I put him on boiled chicken & rice and got him calmed down. This month 5/1 gave him another dose and here we are 12 days later with diarrhea and no appetite. I can not find any information on a delayed reaction AND my Vet just discredits that its the Simparica because my dog goes to Daycare and could be exposed to other mystery things. I dont like that my dog looks at me like he doesnt know who I am. He lays on his bed tucked far in the corner. This behavior is so inconsistent and confusing. I hate pills for me so I struggle giving this to him. He had a serious skin issue a few months back and it was blamed on fleas. That trip cost $400 and the result was he needed Simparica flea treatment.
Candice - Comment
Candice19 Nov 2020Reply
This Tuesday the 17th I had given my dog simparica trio for 27lbs dose. That evening after giving it to him he has puked various times. Will not eat or drink. I've had to syringe water in his mouth. He is acting very skittish/scared like behavior, wants to just lay down. Haven't noticed any other symptoms to him besides the puking, not eating and skittish. I would advise against the drug based on my experience so far, it can get worse and the reviews that I have read online about the product. I wish I read about this particular product before giving it to my dog because now I'm worried he may get more symptoms. Will be talking to the vet inregards to his side effects.
Linda - Comment
Linda20 Nov 2020Reply
I have my 14 week old pup simparica (vet recommended) 2 days ago. Poor baby has had vomiting and diarrhoea ever since. She is lethargic and doesn’t want to eat. I am keeping a close eye on her and will take her to the vet if she hasn’t improved by tonight. This crap is poison! Never again are my dogs getting oral medication for fleas & ticks. This stuff should be banned.
Linda - Comment
Linda27 Nov 2020Reply
Gave my 12 year old labradoodle simpatico just before going to my son’s for T-Day dinner. Got home 4 hours later and my dog fell down three times and is now seizing ... mainly her head . Hard fast shaking and terrified eyes. She has been the healthiest, happiest dog. Seizures are going on two hours....☹️
Linda L McPherson - Comment
Linda L McPherson01 Dec 2020Reply
Follow up: my Labradoodle visited the ER on T-Day for 2 hrs. Seizures continue and it’s Monday. Dr said either Simparica (best case scenario), GOLPP or brain tumor. Good appetite but seizures cause her to fall...Dr says: leash walks, keep kenneled or confined in small room, no playing for 7-10 days and see what happens ???? If she recovers, cause is the Simparica. Not known if there be permanent after-effects.
Karen - Comment
Karen01 Dec 2020Reply
Omg I’m feeling sick seeing all these bad comments. Is there any good outcomes from this tablet? My dog just had 1 and he already has seizure medication - the vet reckons it was the best 1 to help not get the seizures
LB - Comment
LB01 Dec 2020Reply
My 3 year old dog has been on Simparica since he was a puppy, with no side effects that I've noticed. Hopefully there are many other dogs that are unaffected, and just aren't written about here. Good luck.
Linda McPherson - Comment
Linda McPherson01 Dec 2020Reply
Update on my Labradoodle who started seizures just a few hours after receiving first dose of Simparica on T-Day 2020... it is March 2021 and my Vet put my dog on Phenobarbital for anti-seizure med. Yes, she was still having seizures! Today she’s acting better, finally, but her back legs are still collapsing and she is weak. Good appetite and no digestive issues (never had that symptom). She seems to have aged five years since T-Day. Vet says not to go back to Any brand oral flea/tick meds, so we’ll be using Frontline drops on her shoulders from now on. Four months of vet visits because of one dose of “field tested” “safe” Simparica.
Debora - Comment
Debora01 Dec 2020Reply
Linda. Did the tremors ever stop? My dog is still having tremors 5 months after taking Simparica.
Geraldine - Comment
Geraldine01 Dec 2020Reply
I lost my girl 2 days after taking Simparica. Never again will I be giving my pets any pharma meds. Strictly natural with zero side effects from now on.
Alleen  - Comment
Alleen 03 Dec 2020Reply
Could use of Simparica be related to increased prevalence of mast cell tumors in dogs?
Rene' - Comment
Rene'03 Dec 2020Reply
Please see my post regarding dermatitis after giving Chihuahua his first Simparica tablet...
Tian - Comment
Tian03 Dec 2020Reply
I am a new dog owner, gave my 14 weeks old german shepherd the 1st Simparica trio pill yesterday morning 8 am, she starts to vomit around 5 pm, having more frequent uranating, and loose poop, this continued until 8 pm when she's tired and finally slept. I will not give it to my puppy again, but what is a safer med. for flea and ticks? Any suggestion?
Debbie - Comment
Debbie03 Dec 2020Reply
Revolution is a much safer flea treatment......Simparica should not be used on dogs at all....PERIOD !......whomever approved this drug needs to be sued via a class action law suit...DO NOT use this drug on your dogs...luckily I was made aware of this drug before using it on my precious ones as this drug had gone public and I happened to read about it.....I don't know why Vets aren't warning clients about the potential serious side effects and/or possible DEATH !
Dena Roberts  - Comment
Dena Roberts 03 Dec 2020Reply
I switched all three of my dogs to simparica trio and ironically my one that is a simi feral h/w+ hound disappeared. I honestly think she had a reaction to the medication. She has been on our property for four year and has survived everything. And both of my other labs, basically house dogs, ended up with a droopy left eye. I thought the first one it happened to may have gotten something in her eye but then a few days later the other had the same issue. It seems to be clearing up with Rx eye drops. Needless, to say I will not be giving them the simparica trio again. I have ordered what I normally use and will throw this in the trash!
RD - Comment
RD03 Dec 2020Reply
Is there a class action suit?
Rene' - Comment
Rene'07 Dec 2020Reply
My 14 year old, 3.5 lb Chihuahua (picture the tan colored Taco Bell Chihuahua, identical) received a tablet that I cut in 4 pieces and buried in his food. Shortly after tablet I introduced sweet potatoes to diet per vet in lieu of potatoes. I would, still boil chicken, carrots, potatoes for his meals. He developed these big sores which scab over quickly, hair falling out here and there. He returned to vet, rec'd an allergy injection, first in his life, plus Penicillin x 10 days. I quit the canned sweet potatoes (he loved them) thinking it was the syrup, that I drained anyway before adding to mixture. Everything else in his environment, world has remained the same. When he lays in the sun you can see the bumps under his skin. When I bathe him the scabs fall off and I think, oh good, this problem is going away. Then they come back! I have paid about $500 - $600 to heal the little King, but it's not working. We have an appt for a skin scraping. Has anyone had a dermatitis issue as a result of Simparica? He already has canine dementia on and off. Is due for another tablet but I have been holding off. I'm at a loss...
Erica Perkins - Comment
Erica Perkins07 Dec 2020Reply
We had same issues. Exactly. We did skin scrape and they kept saying allergies. We did abx, shampoos changed food. Nothing. We tried stopping the simparica. Two months no flare up no more scabs and loosing hair. We rescued another dog. Skin issues. Different vet. Simparica is good at killing contagious parasites that cause mange and scabies. Two weeks after first simparica dose.parasites gone. No more itching but covered in same scabs. Same as you describe. Kind of ooze. Heal quickly and clumps of hair fall out. I’m certain that it’s the simparica. Won’t use again.
Junko - Comment
Junko07 Dec 2020Reply
My 12 yr-old Chihuahua mix is losing his hair right above his nose. He has been very healthy, and it does not seem to bother him, but it is becoming more noticeable recently. He has been eating the same organic GF food for the past several years. I don't give him much treat eather. The only change I could think of he started taking Simparica about 4 months ago. I am now wondering that's what causing his hair loss....
Susan Whitworth - Comment
Susan Whitworth08 Dec 2020Reply
Gave our Bloodhound Simparico Trip on Tuesday on Thursday he got extremely thirsty and was peeing everywhere from drinking so much water. He is eating fine with no diarrhea or vomiting. He just isn’t himself. He is a 6 month old Bloodhound so they are always hyper. We have given him pedialyte. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thank you all so much!!!!
Jean - Comment
Jean08 Dec 2020Reply
My 5 year old Fox Hound isnow drinking lots of water and urinating in the house! She never did that before!
Dixie - Comment
Dixie09 Dec 2020Reply
Gave my 14 month old 88 lb. Puppy Simparico Trio for the first time 2 days ago. Today, he wouldn't eat or drink any water. Took to vet and she said it could be the Simparico Trio. He has been on just Simparica with no problems. Simparico Trio, will not be given to my dog ever again.
Carol - Comment
Carol12 Dec 2020Reply
This may post twice - I didn't see my original post so I'm trying again! I gave my 10 year old Bull Terrier a dose of Simparico Trio Thursday December 3. On Friday he was incredibly thirsty - he would drink a full bowl of water and then look at me for more. We have never had issues with him peeing in the house - EVER, and he peed in my office. We had family in for the weekend and he was not himself. Not wanting to play, shivering, and drinking excessively. Once again peed in my office on Saturday. Sunday I started watching how much water he was drinking feeling bad that I was restricting him, so I made sure to take him out to pee every few hours. Getting him to go out was nearly impossible. It seemed impossible that our boy could age years in literally 3 days. The ONLY thing that could cause such a huge change in behavior and personality had to be giving him the Simparico Trio the previous week. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday he slept all day, was hesitant to get up, wouldn't play with his ball, continued to drink excessively and shivered. Even when asked to go for a car ride he didn't respond. Today is Friday. He woke up and seemed much brighter. I threw him his ball and he actually was interested in it. This morning was the first morning he left water in his bowl. Hopefully, there is no permanent damage to his brain or body. I'm so glad I found this forum, it confirmed my instincts that this drug is very harmful.
Carol - Comment
Carol12 Dec 2020Reply
UPDATE We had one normal day on Friday. Saturday he started up the drinking again and threw up his breakfast. Sunday, he was lethargic and refused to eat. I finally got him to eat some chicken and he threw that up 2 hours later. Monday morning - 11 days after he is like a zombie - all motions are almost mechanical and when I talk to him it takes him a long while to react. Refused to eat the rice and sweet potato I made for him last night.
Jennifer  - Comment
Jennifer 12 Dec 2020Reply
Hey carol im so sorry to hear about your dog? Has there been any improvement if so how long after did it take ? My dog is experiencing these same symptoms and had his first accident in yearsss in the house and is drinking water excessively. I brought him to the vet and they keep trying to say excessive water drinking isn’t a side effect but it’s the only thing that is different that I’ve given my pup. Hope all is well
Naomi - Comment
Naomi12 Dec 2020Reply
I'm so sorry. This sounds so scary. How is your dog doing?
Carol - Comment
Carol12 Dec 2020Reply
Sorry for the late reply...we took our boy to the ER and after 2 days on fluids and a shot of Percorton, he was diagnosed with Addison's Disease. The simparica pushed his body into an Addison's Crisis - his body was literally shutting down. If undiagnosed he would have died. The vet said the simparica didn't cause the disease but it could have been the link that pushed him into the Crisis. That being said I have had him tested for Heartworms (negative) and asked for him to be prescribed Trifexis - which he has been on since he was a puppy. I could not bring myself to give him simparica for fear that it could put him in another crisis and end up at the ER again...$$$$ He is his totally his old self again, actually more active and more personality due to the daily dose of steroids he takes. All is good!
Svetlana Borkinskaya - Comment
Svetlana Borkinskaya12 Dec 2020Reply
My aunt gave her 5.5-kg, 13-year-old female shih tzu the first dose of Simparica and she has never been the same as she shows symptoms of cardiopulmonary illness: lethargy, loss of appetite, vomit, coughing, seizure and excessive drinking. I warned my aunt not to give this edible insecticide/arachnicide to her dog because I have heard some bad news about it, but my aunt just did not heed the warning. Now her dog is very sick and she has to take the dog to the vet every day in the past week. And it looks like the liver and/or the kidney will not take it too. If you need to get rid of parasites, spot-on (the one by a German company is effective enough) will do the job and do it safely. Don't risk the well-being of your beloved dog just because something is more convenient.
Karen - Comment
Karen12 Dec 2020Reply
I was giving my 70 lb golden doodle Trifexus, for nearly 2 years until suddenly he refused to eat it. The company that makes it said they didn’t change the flavor, but I live in a high tick area, so switched to Simparica Trio. I gave the 1st one to my dog, 1st of this month. No side effects. I suppose with any drug, during trials, there will be some who have side effects ranging from negligible to life threatening. If most side effects are mild, ( vomiting 12 hours later could be due to other things the dog has eaten within those 12 hours), I am ok with that.
I want to know, what was the size of the test group, and how many dogs had each side effect? Is there a way to find this out? And, is a 3 month trial really long enough for a drug that is basically an insecticide?
Michelle - Comment
Michelle12 Dec 2020Reply
All oral tick meds are a risk. Use a collar or topical if you need to. The initial trial had seizure results but supposedly only in dogs with seizure history. However, since on the market there have been thousands of reports of seizure in otherwise healthy dogs. So bad that the FDA made them put a huge warning now on the package. But few people read it or think it must be a million to one problem. It's definitely not! Our Pickles died last year after just 3 doses, and our vet basically said we were crazy. Even when we specifically mentioned the new information he still had nothing but the original tests to go off of. I don't recommend anyone risk their pet's life just to be a little easier having a pill to take. Just our own personal experience but I won't get burned again!
Naomi - Comment
Naomi12 Dec 2020Reply
This is so awful. I'm so sorry. I'm so angry this medication is on the market
BR - Comment
BR16 Dec 2020Reply
All these comments sadden me!
My pup has had zero adverse side effects to Simparica Trio and I hope that continues.
For those asking about the trials -- I found the information here https://www2.zoetisus.com/content/_assets/docs/Petcare/simparica-trio-pi.pdf?_ga=2.223688731.1016898103.1608045514-861822939.1608045514&_gac=1.160980559.1608045516.Cj0KCQiA2uH-BRCCARIsAEeef3m64ho1RNpYyKyE2TXamcOK-YEQbZcN9yaWL1OjRk_nlhnVZfLfDv8aApb9EALw_wcB
jewels - Comment
jewels19 Dec 2020Reply
my vet recommended this for both my yorkies. 1 is pregnant I told the vet what can I give the pregnant yorkie she said sampirica sold me a 3 month supple for her. I gave it to her then I looked at the box that said never tested on pregnant dogs . lola weighs about 9lbs. she has shaking off and on . not eating alor and wants me to rub her tummy constantly . like she wants me to fix it. I am very worried I called the vet they said oops sorry they made a mistake. so what about her puppies I am so worried.
jewels - Comment
jewels19 Dec 2020Reply
well my lola went into labor xmas day. the first puppy was still born looks to have died younger .my assumption when I gave lola that pill.she lost 1 puppy .the second baby is doing okay.although the vet said watch for neurological problems and GI problems.
RT - Comment
RT19 Dec 2020Reply
Also - do NOT use Bravecto for females you intend to breed. Read package insert - yes was tested on female dogs who were bred. Very small sample - many deformities, stillborn.
Patti Shannon - Comment
Patti Shannon25 Dec 2020Reply
My 11 year old mini Aussie has been taking Simparica 1.5 years. Last month she had diarrhea and it lasted 7 days. Like many of you, I was unsure about the cause. But this month we are at day 7 and I expect the diarrhea it to continue. This time I am seeing a little blood or tissue in her stool. Over the past month she has stumbled a few times when on walks. Never happened before. Reading your comments, this drug may be the cause. I’m throwing away the remaining 5 pills and going back to a topical medicine. I hope this drug has not caused permanent damage.
GD - Comment
GD28 Dec 2020Reply
We just gave the first does to our 11 week old Sheepadoodle puppy yesterday. Lost his appetite & was low on energy all day yesterday, slept most of the day - which is very unusual for him. Today started diarrhea & he has gone 5 times so far while not eating much. Plan to take him to see the vet tomorrow. Wonder why PetSmart offers this if there are so many concerns reported.

Few questions
- have you guys asked for these issues to be reported by the vet to company & FDA?
- how long does the symptoms last? A little concerned & worried about the little puppy
Susan Dowling - Comment
Susan Dowling30 Dec 2020Reply
Gave our 6 month old Bulldog puppy Simparica TRIO (this is his 3rd dose) now realizing this is the culprit to what happened with him last month. He’s very lethargic and constant vomiting! I will never give this again!
Randi - Comment
Randi06 Jan 2021Reply
Today was my 14 year old Jack Russell's 2nd dose of Simparica, her name is Rallye. After her first dose she had diarrhea, vomiting and developed a terrible wheezing hacking cough. The diarrhea and vomiting went away after a few days but the cough has lingered for over a month now even with treatment. It is better but not gone. Then she started having tremors. This is still going on weeks later.
Additionally she is having urination problems. She goes like 50 times a day and it is long and slow. I told the vet about her first dose and they said "oh that's a good medication" and attributed her symptoms to her age and possibly a heart condition. Tonight after her second dose she is having significant tremors and now loss of balance. I am now CONVINCED it is from this medication and she will not be taking this nor any other flea meds for the rest of her life. It's not worth it. What a shame that we only research meds after something goes wrong. We should be able to take our vets advice. Rallye will make it through this.
Michelle - Comment
Michelle06 Jan 2021Reply
So sorry to hear, and good for you in recognizing the problem! It is the flea and tick component that is the problem. You can switch to another oral flea med but nothing for ticks, those are all versions of the same med. But you can use a collar or topical for ticks if needed. Hope your pup is doing better!!
Randi - Comment
Randi06 Jan 2021Reply
She does seem to be doing a lot better but lingering issues are still causing me concern. Thanks Michelle!
Liz - Comment
Liz06 Jan 2021Reply
I gave my almost 10 year old chihuahua mix (11lbs) his first dose on Wednesday and he has started coughing and sputtering since Thursday nite. I used to use revolution but they don’t cover ticks as well. My other two dogs had a little loose stool but nothing else. Does your do still have a cough? Did you go to the vets or not? I have an appointment this Wednesday but not sure if I’m going to keep it if the cough will go away eventually
Deb - Comment
Deb06 Jan 2021Reply
Is your dog still having tremors? Mine is. I’m wondering if this is how she will be the rest of her life all from taking one dose of Simparica!
Connie - Comment
Connie07 Jan 2021Reply
Gave our 23 month old Black Lab. Didn’t notice anything with first dose. She has had tremors, very lethargic, drinking lots of water. Vet said they don’t think it has anything to do with the Simparica. That is the only thing that has changed in her routine. Advised I could call Simparica for reimbursement or to report side effects. Advised her to put a big note on our account that she is never to have this again. Nothing they can do for her she said. If she had just taken it they could give her Charcoal. I hate giving her these drugs in the first place but am always convinced it is the right thing to do.
Mary Kocian - Comment
Mary Kocian07 Jan 2021Reply
I will not in good conscience continue to give my three previously healthy dogs anymore Simparica Trio as it causing Gand Mal seizures in my older dog and nausea , vomiting and severe thirst and dehydration. This is lethal medication for dogs and should be taken off the market now.
Bradon - Comment
Bradon09 Jan 2021Reply
I feel so bad ,my 8weeks cockerspaniel hasn’t been the same 24 hours of giving first dose of Simparica trio.My boy has been distressed with lethargic conditions,sleepy and peeing . Although the mother that took the same had not shown any effects.
Tommy - Comment
Tommy11 Jan 2021Reply
I gave my 2 yr old, very healthy, German short hair her first dose on Friday night and by Saturday morning she was vomiting about every 2 hours. It’s Sunday night and still vomiting. I wish I could get it out of her system
Jean - Comment
Jean16 Jan 2021Reply
Our 6 year old, 66# Treeing Walker Coon Hound baby has been taking Simparica for about two years. This past October he just wasn't the same. No running or jumping, Continuously wandering around the fence line of the back yard. Head down, tail down, will stand in a corner and stare at the wall. I have to turn him around and lead him away. Not drinking any water but drooling and swallowing all the time. No problem eating. Has started to stumble and sleeps 10 to 12 hours at a time. Snores like a big dog. Eyes roll back. Very "out of it". Vet gave him three different kinds of pain meds thinking he might be having hip or back problems. He has never acted like he was in pain. No diarrhea or vomiting or seizures. Lethargic and confused. Sometimes I think he is either blind or deaf. May not be from this med but too strange to at least not think about it. Will be back at PetSmart on Monday.
Michelle - Comment
Michelle16 Jan 2021Reply
So sorry! These are classic neurological symptoms, exactly what our Pickles had before she passed. Not to worry you, and I hope yours is different outcome! But the wandering and "head pressing" it's called, where they just go into the corner or lean against a table leg or the wall. Prednisone helped symptoms in our case but the seizures kept going even after stopping this horrible med. I am sorry you are going through this!
Stephanie - Comment
Stephanie16 Jan 2021Reply
My dog is having the same issues. Head down, facing the wall, tremors, lethargic, and she can't seem to see well. Will this ever get better as the med wears down?
Christine - Comment
Christine17 Jan 2021Reply
Our pups had been on next guard and heart guard with no issues but new vet stopped selling those products so switched to to the simparica trio - gave a dose to our 7 ur old 71 pound blue tick coonhound Frazier and our 10 mo 45 pound labradoodle- Watson. On Jan 4th for the first time
Watson threw up and continued to a couple more times -and seems ok now but Frazier a day or so later had a gran mal seizure lasting almost 2 minutes he had another one the next morning a small
One - he has not been the same since - he has tremors has fallen down is confused and appears to be blind in one eye now and just paces over and over
He does eat and drink comes when you call him sits lays down when told and still loves his treats but does not seem to enjoy his chew bones any longer and is just not the same loving silly active boy he has always been -
We are on day 13 and I want to know has anyones pup had improvements as time went on getting this poison out of their system?
I have been giving him blueberries bananas and cognitive therapy treats - to help with clearing the toxins and such
Are there any other suggestions or methods that have worked on healing their pup successfully from this poison besides time?!
My husband is convinced that the damage is irreversible and we should let him go but I am having a hard time and trying everything I can research or think of to pull him out of it.
Like all of you I am so heartbroken over this and so angry - why is this poison even scripted to fur babies?!
Michelle - Comment
Michelle17 Jan 2021Reply
In our case the damage was permanent. We did get a little symptom improvement from prednisone if they are having other neurological issues. Nothing stopped the seizures and our Pickles passed away after just a few months of symptoms. But I have heard of other dogs who recover, or who continue having seizures but not fatal. Hoping you are the lucky ones!!
Ann Gibson - Comment
Ann Gibson17 Jan 2021Reply
You ask why they are giving this poison to our furbabies, it's easy. MONEY!!. If only one percent of dogs have reaction to these drugs... and 100,000 pups are given the drugs, think how many that would be that are either killed or made unable to function. If this was our children and you went to your doctor for a shot, and the Dr. said "don't worry, only 1% of kids get seizures or other problems from this shot, we wouldn't stand for it. But unfortunately... it's only a dog is the big Pharma tune.
Christine - Comment
Christine17 Jan 2021Reply
Sadly and heartbroken I report a follow up that our healthy very active 7 yr old blue tick beagle did not make it - Frazier took his last breath on February 25 2021 - he only declined the seizures continued he was fatigued all the time started losing control of his bladder - and losing his balance and walking in circles we kept hoping that once the poison was out of him he would improve but sadly he only declined I spent many nites sitting with him because the seizures were getting so bad - we tried everything but our vet tried with us but on Feb 25th our vet said that Frazier had enough and he would not recover - I did contact the company as my vet recommended and the worst customer service reps especially in this situation all they wanted was his vet records in a very matter of fact tone as I kindly replied in southern style - kiss my biscuits!! It’s a horrible product and our puppy experienced a horrible reaction that eventually in a very short time took a young vibrant active very intelligent pups life in a horrible way - our Frazier would have turned 8 this past Memorial Day and we miss him everyday
Christine - Comment
Christine17 Jan 2021Reply
I should have clarified Frazier was walking in circles because the siezures blinded him - our other puppy Watson has since only used next guard and heart guard without any further incidents but along with us showed signs of compassion during Frazier’s last days and grief towards the loss of his brother Frazier
RD - Comment
RD17 Jan 2021Reply
I am so sorry for your loss. I also lost my dog due to simparia Trio.
I have not been able to get a hold of the manufacture. can you share with me any contact information. I filled out a form online (no reply) and sent an email but it bounced.
is there a group to help pet owners through this process?
Robert Cruz - Comment
Robert Cruz18 Jan 2021Reply
On 01/07/21, we gave our 11 year old black lab, Rawley, a 2nd dose of Simparico TRIO. A few hours later, he began vomiting nonstop. He could not hold down any food or water. The next day, we took him to his vet and had several tests ran (x-rays, bloodwork, etc.). He was given fluids, anti-nausea meds, meds to assist with the inflammation of his esophagus. After seeing his condition worsen, that night we took him to an after hours urgent care. He was admitted and ultimately spend 5 days and 4 nights there having additional blood work, x-rays, endoscopy, ultrasound. After he was sent home, he was still not well and barely able to hold in any food and had to take any fluids intravenously. A week and a half from taking the drug, he is still on 3 meds, taking fluids and starting to gain strength and eat food and drink water in very small amounts. All said, we are over $8K into vet bills and growing, Given that he had no noted medical issues prior, his vet and the urgent care vet both feel is was likely the Simparico. Needless to say, we will no longer be giving this to our lab or our other dog. I have written to the parent company that makes Simparico (although I don't hold high hopes that I will ever hear from them) and also signed an online petition at Change. org to have this poison recalled. I hope these steps will prevent anyone else's pet having to endure this.
Carlos Zaldivar - Comment
Carlos Zaldivar18 Jan 2021Reply
Any response from the company? My dog is currently in an emergency hospital in Chicago with my daughter. Charlie took the pill on Monday and could not even walk this morning. I am interested in the petition and the company's response. If my dog dies, which does not look too good right now for him, I will stop at nothing to make the company's life miserable.
Gail Masonholder - Comment
Gail Masonholder22 Jan 2021Reply
Our 3 mo.old Boston Terrier, 10 lbs, had her first dose of Simparaco yesterday. the vet suggested it because she has hookworm..This morning she was shaking and no appetite..After reading all these comments I am scared to death for her. I will be watching my precious baby very closely I'm so glad I looked this up as the vet just gave me one dose and no paperwork to go with it Thank you all for your comments and I'm so sorry for all the suffering your babies have had to endure
Julie Bunce - Comment
Julie Bunce23 Jan 2021Reply
My dog has been vomiting with diarrhea plus he has bumps all over his body from one dose of simparica trio. I am also very worried about him. I will never give another dose to him!
Mike - Comment
Mike27 Jan 2021Reply
I have been giving my lab puppy (6 months old now) Simparica Trio since October. She hasn't had any of the diarrhea or eating issues, but has had one of her eyes that gets red and the inner eyelid partially covers her pupil. It seems to coincide with the monthly dosage. Anyone else have the same eye issues? I have a vet appointment tomorrow to figure it out.
Karen - Comment
Karen27 Jan 2021Reply
Our dog had her first dose June 1st 2022 - diarrhea, scratching, excessive thirst. Company asked us to do diagnostic testing at vet. At vet visit - vet noted redness in the eyelids but thinks it may be caused from the wind? She said to watch for drainage. She is more worried about excessive thirst, lip smacking and her kidneys. We will have blood work and results this evening. Did you ever get to the bottom of redness in eyes?
stephanie klock - Comment
stephanie klock28 Jan 2021Reply
I started giving my aussie shepherd simparica at 4 months. The next day she had diarrhea. I called the vet and she gave me anitdiarrhea medicine. It went away, I thought the diarrhea was from some of the junk she eats off of the ground. My shepherd got it the following month and I called the vet again and she prescribed probiaotics and anti diarrhea meds again. It went away. Then I gave it to her again the 3rd month and the same thing happened. I realized it was from the simparica. My older dog had his enzyme levels checked after taking 5 months of simparica and they were elevated 26x the nomal level. Im going to another vet and discontinuing simparica.
Laura - Comment
Laura31 Jan 2021Reply
I'm sick, gave our 8 week old aussielabradoodle her 1st dose of the trio yesterday and the poor baby has had diarrhea 4x so far. I made some chicken and rice. She will not get this anymore.
Going to call the FDA on Monday to give them a report, the pharmaceutical company and the vet. I spoke to someone at the emergency vet office last night, they suggested the chicken and rice for today. I'm hoping that works.
Chelsea Sanderson - Comment
Chelsea Sanderson02 Feb 2021Reply
My 5 year old, healthy Australian Shepherd had a check-up + boosters at the vet on January 24th. He also had a blood test done and all was normal. The only thing the vet told me was that his ATL liver enzyme levels were just slightly high (170) and it wasn't a concern and we could just do another blood test at his next check-up. I have always been apprehensive about putting my dog on Heartworm / Flea Tick medication because of horror stories, but I thought he's 5 and it will be from the vet and it seems like the responsible thing to do. He had ONE dose that evening and completely lost his appetite within a couple days. He is sometimes picky with his food, so I mixed in some green beans, etc but he stopped eating anything and had bright orange diarrhea by the 31st. I took him back to the vet and explained my concern that it was from the Simparica Trio and they didn't seem concerned that it was the issue. They did a blood test (this is literally 7 days later) and his ATL liver levels were off the charts at >2000. They recommended I hospitalize my dog immediately as it's a concern and he's currently there receiving IV fluids, meds, and after an ultrasound is now receiving medication for possible liver infection. My dog was HEALTHY and HAPPY prior to giving him this drug and literally days later he is struggling to recover. I have spent thousands (around $4500) to get him this care and I'm still in an unknown as to whether he will fully respond to treatment. I immediately filed a case number with Zoetis and informed my Vet as well as current Vet hospital he is being held at. There is NO other explanation for this rapid decline and the only change has been THIS drug. Best case scenario, he is able to come home, but we aren't there yet. My vet never informed me of any issues with this medication and I'm kicking myself hard now after reading all of these horrible experiences with everyone's fur companions. I won't be letting this go and I'll be actively pursuing recourse from the manufacturer and vet in any way I can.
Reggie - Comment
Reggie02 Feb 2021Reply
Hi Chelsea, I am hopeful that your Shepherd has recovered. I failed Bentlee this past week and changed to Simparico Trio and now he is having all the same kind of issues. its only been about 4 days since and its been a steady decline. I am terrified--wish I would of seen this sooner. Just hoping you can give me something good and tell me your dog recovered. Vet took blood yesterday should get results today.
chris s - Comment
chris s02 Feb 2021Reply
Hi there, So sorry to hear about your dog. The same thing possibly is happening to my 9 month old Boxador. She has been taking the medicine since she was 6 months and she has gotten bigger so her dosage was increased. She became extremely lethargic and feverish so we rushed her to Hospital. Her Liver enzymes were also through the roof. its been 2 weeks ....We just had a blood draw done again and they are still high. She seems to be feeling better but still very concerned of why these levels are still up. The vet does not feel it is due to Simparica but i think it could be. She was due to get the next dosage this week and i am choosing not to give it to her with the hopes that it will be out of her system and her Liver levels will go down. They want another blood draw in 3 weeks to see where she is. How is your dog doing at this time? I hope it is better.
Reggie - Comment
Reggie02 Feb 2021Reply
Chris, there is hope, for me, after about 35 days from when I gave my dog simparica trio all side affects went away, his blood levels where normal and no longer pies and drinks water non stop. Although vet wanted to treat him for Addison's I decided to wait it out and fortunately it worked out. I just gave him heartgard and nexgard about 2 weeks with no issues. I hope the best for you and dog, I know its a tough time.
John  - Comment
John 03 Feb 2021Reply
Gave this flea medicine today and by 10 pm toy poodle having siesures every 3-10 seconds. My 3 other poodles unaffected. Will never use again.
George - Comment
George19 Feb 2021Reply
Banfield Hospital pushed" Simparica Trio" on our 16 year old Toy Poodle which caused a neurological disorder of sundowner to the point of him having two days straight of constant seizures, repetitive pacing and extreme agitation. We took him to a emergency Vet Hospital that pin pointed Simparica Trio as the main facture that triggered his controlled seizure episodes in having constant all day tremors & seizures hurting him to the point of making the decision to put him down or have him continue with the pain until it killed him. In total we spend around $780 trying to control/stop the tremors & seizures. Thank you all for speaking out on Simparica Trio that Bandfield Hospital pushed on our Toy Poodle.
Robert Santucci - Comment
Robert Santucci02 Mar 2021Reply
I gave my 10 pound, 6 month old very healthy cockapoo this pill 11 am today by 1 pm she was very lethargic shaking, bobbing and weaving, drooling. Lost all appetite. It is Now 3 pm and Lily is on her way to the animal hospital and most likely going to have to spend the night, we will flush her with iv and hope It helps Flush It out Of her system. AVOID THIS PILL! She will never have this again, I can assure you!
PJ - Comment
PJ02 Mar 2021Reply
How is your cockapoo doing now? This happened to our 2yr old frenchie last Friday. We just brought him home from hospital today. He’s not well..we hope he recovers fully!
Sharon Bishop - Comment
Sharon Bishop04 Mar 2021Reply
I started using this for my 5 year old black lab in October 2020, So she had 2 doses and in December she became very sick vomiting and would hardly eat and had a hard time walking up the steps...Took her to the vet and she couldn't find anything wrong with her. She gave her a shot to keep her from throwing up and took her x-rays and told me to come back the next day if she wasn't better. She didn't make it to the next day and died overnight. The vet came and picked her up and cut her opened and said and told me she could anything wrong with her so it was either she was poisoned or it was a neurological disorder. Something I will never know what happened to her...If I knew this would kill her I would never had used it
Ulrike Miller - Comment
Ulrike Miller05 Mar 2021Reply
My little Billy Boy had his first visit to the vet and they gave him Simparica Trio. It started working on him right away, Diarrhea. Billy Boy is a 9 week old Daisy Dog. I was furious with the drug and the prescriber too. I will never give him this drug again.

A terrible way to start his life with me. He is ok for now though. He is just sleepy.
Brenda Harklau - Comment
Brenda Harklau05 Mar 2021Reply
Our golden retriever had his first seizure after taking Simparica Trio last October. We took him to the animal er and they checked his vitals and he was fine. A month later, he was at doggie daycare and we picked him up and he was panting frantically. They had no clue what had happened so again we took him to the er and he checked out fine. Then we seen an ad on tv for Simparica and it mentioned seizures as a side effect. We asked our vet, but he ignored the question. Again our dog had a major seizure in January and we searched for a neurologist ear by. He had an MRI and it came out good. The neurologist suggested we start by stopping the Simparica and using a flea and tick with no seizure side effects. We hope this will solve our problems and he can live a healthy and happy life.
Becca Scott - Comment
Becca Scott07 Mar 2021Reply
My best friend's new puppy has had diarrhea for 14 days after taking one dose of Simparica. I hope it is taken off the market and request that anyone on this thread with a pet who has suffered due to this drug goes to this link from the FDA to officially report their pet's adverse side effects: https://www.fda.gov/animal-veterinary/report-problem/how-report-animal-drug-side-effects-and-product-problems

In lieu of a class-action lawsuit, this seems to be the appropriate method to get Simparica out of vet offices and suffer some sort of consequence.
mckellygirl - Comment
mckellygirl08 Mar 2021Reply
Wow. It is really eye-opening to see everyone's experiences. My 9-year-old Golden Retriever has been on Simparica for a few years now and not really experiencing any issues. But he had a terrifying seizure when I was out walking him on December 26, 2020 with no previous known history (he is rescue I've had since he was 2). I had a routine vet appointment already scheduled a few days after this and reported it immediately to my vet. She wanted me to monitor him carefully and wait to see how he did on his next dose of Simparica before continuing to prescribe it. He seemed okay with his next dose January 1, so we renewed the prescription, and I gave him the February dose too. I have noticed that recently he seems to stumble a little from time-to-time. With the March 1 dose, on that day, I noticed him seeming to be very fearful and flinching on several occasions. And a bit more stumbling. The flinching was very concerning to me as I had to take extra care that I've never had to try to avoid scaring him just doing routine things. I was reading that this drug enters the bloodstream quickly after giving it, and these symptoms and all the other reports have convinced me that I'm done using this on my pup. It's not worth the risk of additional seizures or other neurological effects, and it seems that his stumbling and getting tired sooner on walks are likely related.
Shawn - Comment
Shawn09 Mar 2021Reply
I've been skeptical since his (Loki 65 lb rescue mutt) first dose about 5 months ago...I read the seizure warnings...he normally doesn't move much at night and since starting Simparica, he seems to have tremors. He also got that odd cough here and there that I read someone else mention. He also had a seizure that lasted for about 2 minutes in the middle of the night about 2 months ago and it was the most horrifying thing to watch and feel so helpless. I will be discontinuing the medication. I hope it has no permanent impact on him. I could never forgive myself.
Dawn - Comment
Dawn09 Mar 2021Reply
This is an eye opener for me! My 3 month old shih tux Juno took her second dose last week and for the last two days she’s vomited and has been eating grass nonstop! I couldn’t figure it out until I googled all the medications the vet has prescribed for her then I came across this forum and I am pissed!! I lost my previous bichon poo to seizures 2 years ago and I don’t want to go through that type of pain and lost again! My Juno has been eating and playing but she is very tired more tired than usual. I can tell something is off with her I just couldn’t figure it out. Thank you to all of you posting and I hope all of your babies are doing well. And for those who have lost their fur babies I am so sorry for your lost.
Susan - Comment
Susan11 Mar 2021Reply
OMG - I am so mad at myself for not doing more research. My nearly 14 year old Havanese Kokomo has taken a sharp decline in the last 8 month and I was blaming it on old age when I think I may have been poisoning him. I am so upset - I gave it to him last week and he had an accident in the house. He is stumbling, not able to stand on tile or go in and out of house without tripping on steps. I was blaming the tremors in his back legs on the fact that he has had both ACLs repaired. He seems to be out of sorts, staring into space, getting freaked out when he can't see me (I thought he was losing his eyesight). I am so mad at myself and so upset that I am the one that has made him sick. How do I get this out of his system and what are you using instead? Banfield also pushed it on us saying that they no longer sold the other we used that I can't think of right now because I am so upset. I am more than upset, I am effing pissed, my poor little boy.
Pam - Comment
Pam11 Mar 2021Reply
I began researching this today as the same thing seems to be happening to my Havanese mix since starting this several months ago. He is 11 so I attributed his slowing down on walks to aging but now he is recently limping and at times has some trouble with jumping up on the bed. I would say these changes may have happened more suddenly than just normal aging so I'm not going to give him this medication anymore.
Reggie - Comment
Reggie13 Mar 2021Reply
I just found these comments and I am feeling terrible. I just gave Bentlee my Akita Simparica Trio on the 9th. No seizures yet thank goodness, but he is drinking a ton of water. On the first day he woke up and peed in my bedroom floor. He has never done this, and when I heard it and woke up he couldn't stop. I had to put him laundry room for the night (no Carpet). He hasn't eaten since and grazes on grass like he is a goat. I let him back in the bedroom yesterday all went well, then this morning I woke to him peeing in the floor again. Bentlee has been fine for 12 + hours in the house while I was stuck at work and never a drop of anything in the house. 1 dose of this Simperica Trio and he is completely different and cant hold his pee. 13 March he is also very lethargic and sitll not eating (even his favorite treats). For Instance he has never liked grooming, I brushed him out last night and he slept through the whole thing. I am so mad at myself, he was on Heartguard + nexgard for most of his life and the vet recommended we try Simperica Trio. I feel so dumb for taking him off of something that we had no problems with and it worked fine, just to try something new that he didn't need. Now I am terrified for his well being. Especially after seeing these post. I will never use this stuff again and will tell anyone I see buying it or using it my story and yours too. I hope for all of you that your pets (loved ones) have improved, I know the feeling of total helplessness to help them and all you can do is wait and hope. I am also going to contact the vet who gave it to me and tell him all this stuff. Bentlee trusts me an I let him down on this one.
Reggie  - Comment
Reggie 13 Mar 2021Reply
For todays update the blood work came back MCH is low and Potassium is HI and Sodium is low. Vet thinks it may be Addision disease and wants to test for it. And yeah he ate today 4 chicken breast and appeared to want it even better. Not grass grazing either. The vet doesn't seem to really want to blame it on Simperica Trio and wants to treat these symptoms which he says are life threatening. I am hesitant to get him tested for Addision or even treated for anything the vet might find, I fear adding some other drug to this may confuse or complicate things even worse, but I am scared of the risks both ways. I feel like the simperica trio has somehow affected his Pituitary/Andrenal glands are maybe even acting as blockers to them. Would appreciate any opinion you all may have.
Foxy - Comment
Foxy13 Mar 2021Reply
Sorry man, that is horrible. I would find another vet for a second opinion. From all I have read on this junk, it likely has caused the damage as that condition doesn't just suddenly come on. Call the FDA. This junk needs to be pulled from the market
Reggie  - Comment
Reggie 13 Mar 2021Reply
Thank u Fox I have good news I did get 2 additional in house potassium test done and they both came back normal. Come to find out Akita blood platelets can explode in storage causing hi readings. So no Addisions. But he still is suffering from lethargy, polyuria and polydispia basically still drinks and pees non stop. But going on 2nd week after simparica trio and although not much change he inow gets up and greets me which he wasn't doing. It's getting better and I decided to just wait and hope when this stuff clears out in 30 days he goes back to normal. How is ur puppy?
Foxy - Comment
Foxy19 Mar 2021Reply
I gave this to my 4 month old puppy and was not told of the neurological side effects. All they did was give me a pill in a bag with possible side effects of vomiting or diarrhea. Fortunately, no seizures but dark yellow diarrhea and puppy has been drinking water like crazy and peeing even while asleep. She has NEVER done that before. It has been five days and the diarrhea started on day 2. I have been feeding her some white rice hoping it improves. Will NEVER give this to my dog again. Topical only for me from now on. Really angry this drug is on the market and pushed by many vets. I read all the above and it makes me sad. I feel horrible for listening to the vet without researching this on my own. I thought maybe my dog had a bladder infection or got into something that upset her gut. Then I saw this and realized. 🤬
Snh - Comment
Snh19 Mar 2021Reply
I have a person that bought a husky puppy from me March 6 @ 6 weeks old. Today March 20 (8 week old) I get a message saying the puppy ate one of these pills that was for the bigger dog she already owned. Puppy is having seizures and has aspirated pneumonia. She text me asking if she ever had seizures before. No this puppy hasn’t had seizures and I came to this forum to see other problems with this medicine.
Brock - Comment
Brock19 Mar 2021Reply
After reading theses comments I started looking into SIMPARICA TRIO. I found a warning from the FDA about the potential for neurologic adverse events in dogs and cats when treated with drugs that are in the isoxazoline class. Sarolaner, one of the ingredients in SIMPARICA TRIO, is a member of the isoxazoline class. This class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions including tremors, ataxia, and seizures. Seizures have been reported in dogs receiving isoxazoline class drugs, even in dogs without a history of seizures. Use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures or neurologic disorders.
Pam - Comment
Pam24 Mar 2021Reply
The vet suggested this medication for my 9+ yr old English Bulldog. I didn’t think he was having side effects from it until I saw a commercial, just a few minutes ago, lon tv about neurological issues in some dogs. I came across this site and read so much about symptoms that I now realize he has been having. He’s been on it for six months. He started having skin issues that the vet said were allergic reactions probably due to environmental things. They would clear up after a round of antibiotics but would return the next month. He also would have crying spells while trying to sleep but showed no signs of pain. Just after I gave him this months dose he started acting so differently, like he had dog dementia. Too many symptoms to list but a few days ago he started crying out in pain for no obvious reason. His motor skills have been affected and he’s been losing weight even though he eats heartily. He has been drinking more water then usual. I called my vet but because of Covid they are so behind in appts and would not see him until a month from then. I took him to the emergency hosp. but wasn’t allowed in with him. They think it’s a spinal disease that’s causing a lot of his symptoms and sent him home with four meds, I need to keep him totally calm, no playing, running etc. and to only let him out on a leash to go potty. Now that I’ve read all these comments I think he has developed these issues because of this trio medication. I left a lot out but didn’t want to make too lengthy post.
Just as I was writing this, my vets office called to check on him after getting the emergency drs report. I raised my issue about this medication as a reason but because the er dr said it’s a neurological and spinal issue they don’t want to think that. The girl said she hasn’t heard of issues like he has being a cause of symptoms being from that medication. She said she would have the doctor call me to talk about it.
Years ago when the new proheart came out I was talked into using it by a different vet. My six yr old pug immediately started foaming at the mouth, had seizures and got wished away by the vet. Long story short my beloved Emily died hours later when all her organs shut down. I had an autopsy done and it was because of that medication that she died. I swore I’d never try another “new” medication again but was told this medication we are talking about had been out for awhile so I stupidly said ok to it. If I’ve caused an early death to another pet I won’t forgive myself.
Dimitrie - Comment
Dimitrie24 Mar 2021Reply
So from what I understand, your dog was on this for 6 months and got the serious symptoms after that? My dog died from it after one dose within 24 hours
Dianna Sue  - Comment
Dianna Sue 24 Mar 2021Reply
Please do NOT try Simparica Trio, I went to the Vets office to pick up Dukes Revolution Heart Worm meds, and they talked me into switching to Simparica Trio, we gave Duke his first dosage on March 1st, March 2nd, he would fall down while walking, he would fall down trying to get up, he's NEVER done this before! He just couldn't stand good, he constantly shakes his head. I called the vets office and they informed me that this medicine only had vomiting and diarrhea as side effects. It's now March 23, he still has falls but not like at first. I assume it's getting out of his system. I returned that medicine back to the vet and bought Revolution! I know Dukes problems were from this medicine, and it upsets me that my vet told me that this medicine was safe! Please do NOT use it!!
Jessie Orth - Comment
Jessie Orth25 Mar 2021Reply
I am so incredibly upset with myself for trusting my vet and giving my dog this product. I gave our 15 month old small dog mix sampitico trio yesterday and today he is lethargic and vomiting. He has no appetite, won’t drink water and his mouth is so dry. I am so mad at the vet and think we should file suit against this company.
Laura - Comment
Laura02 Apr 2021Reply
Gave my 8lb chihuahua the simparica chew last night and he has thrown up 3 times this morning with blood. Called his vet and they gave no information. Will not be using this treatment again!!!
Kayla Flood - Comment
Kayla Flood03 Apr 2021Reply
Can someone please tell me if their dogs got better after taking the pill? My vet recommended this for my puppy, he is now lethargic, has blood in stool, and can hardly stay awake. He is 5 months old.
Rachael Simpson  - Comment
Rachael Simpson 03 Apr 2021Reply
Hi how is your pup now? I cant believe how long this thread is. My chihuahua was given this three weeks back, I actually requested I kept my old treatment but they assured me it was safe and good. I went home and somthing didn't feel right, but I read the leaflet and it said no known side effects. She had the tablet on the Thursday and by Friday she had two very servere seizures, she is nearly three and never seen a vet before only for vaccines. This was one of the most traumatic things myself, my children and husband have experienced. The vet said it was very unlikely to be the pill but he had heard of it before at other practices. He ran bloods and sent her home with Keppra three times a day, after two weeks she is now down to twice a day. I take her everywhere as I'm terrified of it happening and her dying, we were convinced she was dying. Since then I've researched loads and as you say the FDA put out a report. I went to zoetis and Expressed my views and they said the FDA report meant nothing and it was in America. Simparica is pretty new in England and it seems they are trialling it. I've sent this thread and loads of other information to my vet and zoetis. If anyone wants to write or call to complain to the company I have all the details. The more we complain the more chance we have of saving other dogs. The leaflet inside at least needs to be changed to have the correct information on it. Also vets needs to tell the truth!!! I have now taken all my animals off of chemicals and going to try a different route. My chihuahua is 18 days since the last seizure episode, she is finally playing again but I'm noticing her shaking her head on the left side and it's very odd. She seems so much happier in herself but until she comes off the keppra completely I wont know if it's a reversible problem. I've beaten myself up so much giving her this drug, I felt I could trust the vet and the drug company but we obviously cant and it's all about making more money.
Cel - Comment
Cel03 Apr 2021Reply
So your dog got better? Mine was given the medication 9 days ago. Yep days ago started vomiting and having seizures. I fell like he’s dying right before my hands. Vet did all kinds of tests but said it couldn’t be simparica. I disagree. He has all the symptoms Eveyone is describing. I don’t want to have to put my dog down but he’s suffering. Seizure meds aren’t working. Is there hope?
Poonam - Comment
Poonam04 Apr 2021Reply
Has anyone recently started simpatico trio on their fur baby and noticed any kidney problems? For the first time in 12 years my dog has 6-7 large kidney stones which will require surgery. He has been dribbling pee and no longer has a stream and for obvious reasons is asking to go out way more often than his usual. I’m wondering if there is any correlation as we haven’t changed anything else with him.
Karen Miernicki - Comment
Karen Miernicki05 Apr 2021Reply
Guys... my heart is racing... My 4 month old Aussidoodle (Emma) was just given a Simparica Trio ''treat'', and I was supposed to give it to her today (as she had shots yesterday). Well, let me tell you: THANK YOU ALL FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. I called the owner of my puppy's mom and she told me that the mom NEVER eats that stuff. She uses drops 4 times a year on the top of the neck for fleas etc... and told me to address the heart worm problem with the vet. So, again, tears in my heart, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your generous information. Good bless you all.
Gina - Comment
Gina05 Apr 2021Reply
I wish I would have seen this conversation before giving my 8 year old Labrador Retriever his first dose of Simparica Trio on Wednesday March 31st! We received the first dose of this medication from our Vet! Thursday morning was an awful beginning of the day for our boy. He was vomiting, had diarrhea, urinating constantly and the very scary part were the uncontrollable tremors. I thought right away it must be the new meds! It is Easter Sunday and he still has diarrhea and drinking a crazy amount of water. I had placed an order with Pet Meds for the prescription before I saw any of these side effects....I will be returning this medication and order Heartgard and not sure what we will do for flea and ticks, since he turns his nos Simparica Trio, e to the Nexgard and we really don’t feel safe with our Grandson around the topical or collar🤷‍♀️Any suggestions? Our Vet suggested Simparica Trio!
Michelle - Comment
Michelle05 Apr 2021Reply
ALL oral tick meds are in the same class of drugs, so cannot give anything with that in it. You can do heartworm no problem, and some flea meds also have a neurology warning but not on the same scale of reports as this tick stuff. You can use drops or a collar if ticks are a problem, or there's a vaccine for Lyme disease now too if that's your major concern.
Snipe67 - Comment
Snipe6705 Apr 2021Reply
Just gave 3yr old OES first dose yesterday (her half sister got one too) and today she has uncontrolled urination.
The only "new" thing in her environment/diet is sipatico trio. Hell of an investment we made just to hurt her.
Jl - Comment
Jl12 Apr 2021Reply
Started our 8 month old rescued golden retriever on simpatico trio in February as had our rescued border collie mix on it for last year. Started in February and within a couple of weeks ears started twitching. Vet thought was inner ear infection now thinking otherwise.
Walinda  - Comment
Walinda 13 Apr 2021Reply
Gave my Olde English Bulldog puppies Simparica Trio on 4/7/21 they are almost 4 month now. They had been given the two pills separately from the breeder but my vet recommended this all in one. One has done great only notice that he is drinking a lot of water. The other has had diarrhea every since 6 hours after the pill. He is very whinny and is drinking a lot of water. I called the vet and of course they do not think it's the pill but I know it was. He had never pooped in the house and now he does every time he has to be put in his indoor pen for us to leave or sleep. I will not be giving this medication again!
Janice Neumann - Comment
Janice Neumann19 Apr 2021Reply
My 11 year old terrier mix has been weak, uncoordinated and pacing up and down the hallway most of the day, sometimes stopping and staring at the wall. I gave him this medication last Thursday.
He already had idiopathic vestibular disease and I am very angry I wasn't warned that this should be used with caution in dogs with neurologic problems.
It's really too bad that vets are so easily swayed by pharmaceutical companies and don't listen to clients like us.
TW - Comment
TW24 Apr 2021Reply
My Pomeranian is on a steady decline after taking 1 dose. Within 24 hours, he would not leave my bedroom, slept all day, no appetite. Called vet and was advised chicken and rice by tech - vet did not come to the phone even tho I asked to speak to her twice. He seemed to get a little better over the next week until he woke at 5am vomiting and having diarrhea and very lethargic. Another call to vet asking for an appt - seems like an an emergency now? Sorry, can’t see you for 4 days. Went to a different vet, within minutes he found a large mass on my Pom’s abdomen. Coincidence? Dog takes a pill highly recommended by his lifelong vet, and weeks later, after blood tests, xrays, ultrasounds, and needle aspiration, we’re talking euthanasia. I have 3 other dogs - large breeds that also took 1 dose, but no reaction. They won't be taking another dose, I cannot recommend this medication ... especially if you have a small dog. My heart is broken.
Sharon eiskant - Comment
Sharon eiskant25 Apr 2021Reply
Giving our sweet dog Simparica was the biggest mistake we have ever made as far as our pets. She became very neurotic, so many changes in her personality and she became very anxious her first and only dose was in November 2020 she never returned to the special dog that we had and she passed in March 2021 at 8 years old
Bibi - Comment
Bibi25 Apr 2021Reply
Omg this is horrible. The personality change is what has me most concerned too. It’s crazy to think they don’t recover and can die in a few months. I’m beside myself.
Debbie - Comment
Debbie23 May 2017Reply
Just gave this to my 2 year old 77 lb boxer 5 hours ago and I'm SCARED! She's pacing and wants to eat grass. Vet said if she vomits bring her in. I wish I could get this out of her system now. Is it too late?
SteveC - Comment
SteveC23 May 2017Reply
I gave this for the first time to my hound and about 3 hours later, she was very unsteady on her feet, eyes half shut and then had 4 episodes of breathing rapidly that each lasted 30 seconds or so and all happened within a 30 minute period. It has been one week and she has been acting very anxious since. It is like night and day compared to her regular personality or demeanor. It was a mistake using this and I hope that in 4 weeks when it is out of her system, she will return to normal.
Chris  - Comment
Chris 23 May 2017Reply
I’ve read these stories and am also disgusted. Our 9 month 5lb Morkie was prescribed this garbage and we noticed the shakes, his lower lip quivering, and he looks around as if an invisible fly is flying around his head. It hurts to see this and infuriating to know these stories are out here and we did not do the research before giving our little guys this poison. Two quick questions...Do the dogs eventually return to normal? And how long for this sheet to get out of the dog’s system???
Golden_ - Comment
Golden_23 May 2017Reply
I gave my dog his first dose the first week of April. About 2 weeks later he had tremors, drooling, lethargic, uncoordinated, vomiting and was touch and go for a couple days. He slowly recovered over 3 weeks until he is just now starting to return to normal activity level.
Michelle - Comment
Michelle23 May 2017Reply
It all depends, sadly. They don't really have an answer for why this happens at all, or why some dogs get better and some don't. (Ours never did, she died 4 months later.) Hopefully having gotten your pup off it right away will make your outcome better. So sorry you are having to go through this!
Bibi - Comment
Bibi23 May 2017Reply
Omg, this is beyond awful and makes me so worried. How old was your pup? Were there any other conditions? My dog was super sick the first months of his life. We nurses him back into a happy healthy puppy and now this. I am SO angry with my vet and so mad at myself for not researching first. I’m so terribly sorry about your puppy.
Henry - Comment
Henry23 May 2017Reply
I have a happy healthy 14 yr old female bull terrier. At the vet today, I bought a single dose of Simparica Trio to try instead of Trifexis and Combogaurd, because they seem less tolerated by her now that she is older. We live in Texas and I have only used an isoxazoline preventative when insect populations get out of control in my area, like they are now.
After reading this message thread and some other online reviews, I have decided to not give this to my dog. I believe insecticides should be used to control pests in the environment local to the dog, and only on the dog herself as a last resort. Keep the yard clean, grass cut low, eliminate standing water, stay indoors during dawn and dusk, and commercial pest control will greatly reduce fleas, ticks and mosquitos. Talk to your neighbors, especially if they have pets or children that play outside. Outdoor pest control is a community effort.
Jake - Comment
Jake23 May 2017Reply
Vet prescribed this for my 12 week old border collie Lab mix. 24 hours after, we noticed diarrhea. We did not make the connection until today. 10 days after taking Simparica, she started having muscle tremors. They have become so bad that she cries and whimpers any time she is laying down. She is absolutely miserable and we're hoping she makes it. Our two year old dog took the same thing and thank god she has no symptoms. Thank you all so much for this thread and giving me hope.
Julie Green - Comment
Julie Green23 May 2017Reply
I gave 2 of my older Labs a dose of Simparica on a Saturday. 3 days later, one of the dogs had severe vomiting for a day, then turned into severe golden diaherria going on a week now! He is starting to get better. My other Lab after 5 days started having severe diaherria (black at first, now golden) and now throwing up too. I sure hope he makes it! They both got similar issues and this was the only thing they both did. I have another dog, but gave him Frontline and he's fine. Last year I gave them this but didn't notice any issues. Plus I spent a fortune for the crap...
Lori  - Comment
Lori 23 May 2017Reply
We gave our Pomeranian the first dose of simpatica on 4/30 - yesterday (5/11) she had a seizure and just had another one tonight. I’m petrified after reading the comments here. Has anyone’s dog stopped having seizures when the medication wore off or is this going to be a permanent issue possibly getting worse? I’m beside myself with guilt and fear.
Michelle - Comment
Michelle23 May 2017Reply
Many people have reported this as only temporary. Nobody knows what causes it or makes one dog recover and another not. I hope yours is an isolated incident! Just be aware that no oral tick medicine is safe, all are from the same class of drugs. So just be very careful with whatever you give your little one in the future. Hoping for a good outcome!!!
Anetta - Comment
Anetta23 May 2017Reply
My 2 1/2 mini goldendoodle has been on Simparica 10 days now. At first B seemed fine. 2-6 days in vomiting here and there. Now tremors started. So scary. Consulting vet and will not give Simparica ever again. Be aware! This seemed like perfect treatment 3 in 1 but at what cost? Previously B was on Heartgard and Advantix worked well I guess we switch back. Any other alternatives that are not harmful?
Michelle - Comment
Michelle23 May 2017Reply
Anything with tick prevention is in the same class of drugs. Use topical or a collar if you are concerned. The flea components vary but having had one seizure you're now prone to being sensitive to even the "safer" ones. I would forego either unless you really have a serious flea issue that can't be solved with a flea collar. Heartworm medicine alone should be ok.
Melanie - Comment
Melanie23 May 2017Reply
Oh my god I'm so glad I found this group. My 1 year old Italian Spinone puppy has been losing hair on her back and has a big ear infection. I only stumbled on the side effects of this drug via a post on a Spinone group. My sincere sympathies to those with horrendous seizure side effects. I'm kicking myself I didn't research this drug. My dog is on a "health care plan" with my vet. I'll be calling them tomorrow. There is a petition in Australia to have this drug banned through change.org, which I've signed. I'll be spreading the word.
Anna - Comment
Anna23 May 2017Reply
My 10 year old Standard Poodle had one dose of Simparica and had seizures two weeks later, which was yesterday. He is still not himself, walks very slowly and is definitely not feeling his best. He had full wellness exam three ago and was in perfect shape. I called the vet and am putting him back on Heartgard and Nexgard.
Golden_ - Comment
Golden_23 May 2017Reply
I gave my dog his first dose April 8th. About 2 weeks later he had tremors, drooling, lethargic, uncoordinated, vomiting and was touch and go for a couple days. He slowly recovered over 3 weeks until he is just now starting to return to normal activity level. Hoping we don’t have any more issues and will not be giving this again.
Amy - Comment
Amy23 May 2017Reply
We gave our one year old Simparica tonight and he started having trimmers that lasted on and off for about 30 minutes. Not sure what effects he will continue to have. Please do not use this drug.
Mindy Freeman  - Comment
Mindy Freeman 23 May 2017Reply
My baby is so sick from this Drug. She won't drink E walk or anything The doctor seemed to push this drug on me because the kombi guard was on back order. What do I do?
Krys - Comment
Krys23 May 2017Reply
I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence or not, but 4 days after second dose of Simparica Trio, my dog ended up at an urgent care with blood in his urine. He is a 89 lbs 5 y/o pitbull who has never had any issues before. After second pill, we’ve notice he has been a bit down for a couple days. Now we are waiting for the verdict: whether it’s an infection in his bladder or stones. So far, the cost of diagnostic tests are about $700. There is also a chance that he’ll need a surgery. I am almost 100% sure that all of these symptoms are caused by this medication. I would not recommend giving Simparica to your pets!!!!! I will never give my dog this medication again. I hope this comment will save you and your pets from unnecessary trouble. Stay safe!
Gwen - Comment
Gwen23 May 2017Reply
My 2 year old Shepherd was perfectly healthy in Feb. and by April of this year he quit eating, excessive thirst, excessive urination, low platelet count, low red blood cell count is unsteady and now is at a vet hospital and so far we have spent 2000 and they do not know what is wrong with him. The only thing we changed after his checkup if Feb. was his flea and tick treatment. Reading all of these comments I too think it is the drug that has caused his body to be toxic for him. He is also running a fever so is not out of the woods.
Tom - Comment
Tom23 May 2017Reply
I have an 8 year old Labrador. She has been taking Trifexis for years with no problem. Vet suggested that I switch to Simparica Trio (he gets a kickback from the manufacturer). He said it would take care of ticks and Trifexis doesn't. So I did. She was ok for awhile, then she had a seizure and started throwing up all over the house. Then she lost control of her legs and couldn't walk or stand. Next she developed severe tremors. She was shaking like she was freezing. She was terrified and we were too. We immediately gathered her up and took her to the vet. The vet recognized immediately that she was in severe neurogical distress. He did blood work and found that the phosphorus levels in her blood were way to low and that was causing the neurogical problems and it was most likely from Simparica Trio. Two days later, she is doing better, but not 100% yet. I regret putting her on this drug. Trifexis is much safer and I really don't care about the ticks - I can pull those off. I'm more concerned about fleas and heartworms and Trifexis is just fine for that.
Paige - Comment
Paige23 May 2017Reply
I wish I would have came across this before I gave my healthy 9 month old puppy this medication two days ago. The day I gave it to him, he was up all night just randomly crying and yelping like he was in pain. I took him to the energy vet in the morning, he couldn’t find any cause for pain, only he yelped a bit on his neck, they had trouble getting him in, he was yanking his neck around as he is afraid of the vet since getting fixed. The only thing the vet can say, was a sore neck. I had a trainer come in the day of, and he was with me the all day, NOTHING a happened for him to be in pain! Anyway, he prescribed him pain relief for 7 days. He has no appetite and very little drinking either so he’s not using the bathroom much. He is not the same puppy prior to two days ago! I will keep a close eye on him and hopefully nothing else come about, we will NEVER take this medication again!
Melissa - Comment
Melissa23 May 2017Reply
Gave this to my 8 week old puppy yesterday, he was fine, but today he is very irritated and acting aggressive which he wasn’t before. Has anyone else experienced this?
Helena  - Comment
Helena 07 Jun 2017Reply
Gave my 3 year old Yorkie Simparica and 24hrs later he became hyperactive panting pacing and started hiding in dark places. This is not at all his behavior. Took him to the vet Potassium level was so high they did an ekg and his heart was not beating regular. They gave him IV glucose to raise his Potassium level. Currently we are monitoring him closely-he’s never been sick. Reported this to FDA today-
Stephanie - Comment
Stephanie07 Jun 2017Reply
My 14 year old was up on simparica about a year ago and her whole demeanor has changed. She is lethargic, unsteady on her feet, doesn’t bark at all, showing signs of dimentia. I thought it was just her aging but now I think it al started when she started this medication. Any tips on how to flush it from her system ? Or has it been too many doses ? 😞
Michelle - Comment
Michelle07 Jun 2017Reply
So sorry! Some dogs improve, some don't, not a clear answer why. Hopefully yours will be lucky and return to normal. If not, we had some success with symptom management using Prednisone. Our pup only made it 4 months after her first seizure, but this did seem to help her symptoms toward the end. Hoping for good news with your pup!!
Greg Kessler - Comment
Greg Kessler07 Jun 2017Reply
I gave this trash to my 5 month old JRT yesterday. Today really soft stool (not diarrhea but close). He is pissing a lot and often and drinking a lot of water. What scared me and caused me to start doing some more research is while drinking he stops and acts as if he has a lot of peanut butter in his mouth. I guarantee he will not take this trash again. I’m going to keep a close watch on him over the next few days. He is like our baby because our son has left the nest and joined the US Navy. Any believers out there please say a prayer for our pup as I will for the people on this thread.
AK - Comment
AK07 Jun 2017Reply
Hi, I’d like to thank all the contributors to this thread and I’m so very sorry for the pain you and your pets have undergone. We have a 3 month old Aussie labradoodle and the breeder warned against oral flea meds.

Our vet prescribed this medication and after reading this thread I asked them to exchange it for just the heartguard. I can’t believe that the Number of incidents here are a coincidence.
Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences- my pup and I are very grateful.

Michelle Freeman - Comment
Michelle Freeman07 Jun 2017Reply
I rescued a dog that had a light case of heartworms. The Simparica was recommended by the vet. Gave it to my dog on Thursday night and Sat stools were soft. By Sunday he is having liquid diarrhea! Does anybody know how long this will last?
Brett - Comment
Brett07 Jun 2017Reply
The vet told me to switch to Simparica trio after they stopped seeking revolution which he had been on for many years. I gave this to my 8 yr old chihuahua and a couple days later he started having seizures. Somedays he will have 2 and then he will go for a couple days without having any issues. Work up from the neurologist shows all his tests came back negative. This was the 2nd does I have him. Did anyone see any signs of improvement in their dogs? If so how long did it take? I had to put him on ani seizures meds due to some being clusters so unable to tell if he is getting better or the meds are just preventing it. Neurologist doesn’t seem to really know if the effects are long term or not. So sad as he was once a happy healthy dog with no prior health issues. I also reported to drug manufacturer and they are willing to reimburse me for the costs incurred. If this is a long term issue, I doubt they would be willing to cover all visits in the future.
Sarah L.  - Comment
Sarah L. 07 Jun 2017Reply
My 1 1/2 year old shepherd also had a seizure 24 hours after the second dose. She hasn’t had any more seizures but still seems off. She has episodes where she seems very anxious and is hiding under car/tables/beds.
How is your dog doing now?
I wish I would have known about this. I’m worried about her.
The manufacturer said that the medication has a half life of 11 days but can stay in their system for 55-60. I hope it wears off and she makes a full recovery
I feel so bad for everyone going through this.
Sue - Comment
Sue07 Jun 2017Reply
My 6 year old Chihuahua has been on simparica trio for 4 days .
He started with vomiting about 8 hrs after his 1st dose, then diarrhea started. I had to make him chicken breast and rice, (bland) because he won't eat his food. When he goes out he eats grass. All he does is cuddle in his blanket. No more of this for him. He isn't his playful self.

Denise - Comment
Denise07 Jun 2017Reply
I gave my sweet little toy poodle Simpaica today, and one hour later this poor dog went from happy and healthy to having a terrible seizure. The seizure has finally stopped and he seems to be sleeping peacefully. I sure hope we don't have ongoing problems. No more of this junk for my pups!
Denise - Comment
Denise07 Jun 2017Reply
I gave my sweet little toy poodle Simpaica today, and one hour later this poor dog went from happy and healthy to having a terrible seizure. The seizure has finally stopped and he seems to be sleeping peacefully. I sure hope we don't have ongoing problems. No more of this junk for my pups!
Marie - Comment
Marie07 Jun 2017Reply
I gave my 15 year old dog this medicine. This medicine is making her shaky/tremor, anxious, and she is panting a ton. She still has her appetite at the moment. I am convinced this medicine is HORRIBLE and is causing this. My poor baby! Does anyone know of anything we can give her to help get this out of her system? HELP!! I am so worried about her!
Cathy - Comment
Cathy07 Jun 2017Reply
I started my 6 year old golden doodle on Simparica last fall because we had many ticks in the back of our yard. Later in the fall I noticed some leg tremors when she squatted. Since the weather was turning cold, I stopped giving her the Simparica until spring. Unfortunately, I didn't realize the tremors were possibly caused by the drug. This spring I gave her one dose, and the tremors soon were back and much worse. I'm totally stopping the drug, but, unfortunately, can't get in to my vet for almost a month to get a replacement. However, doing nothing is better than giving her the Simparica. I'm hoping the tremors will soon diminish, since she is in great shape otherwise.
Bridget - Comment
Bridget07 Jun 2017Reply
I gave my 5m old pup this drug - she collapsed in the evening and was unable to walk. Head bobbling and hind legs unable to support her - as if she were really drunk. It's been the worst 2 months. - she's had several episodes since then. The vets and neurologists say it's not simparica trio - but she was perfectly healthy until that dose was given.
Bibi - Comment
Bibi07 Jun 2017Reply
Hi, any chance you did a spinal tap? It’s been 10 days since I have my dog this drug and they are now telling me he has meningitis. I’m wondering if anyone else has seen these types of symptoms.
Marie - Comment
Marie07 Jun 2017Reply
I called the maker of Simparica and filed an FDA case for my dog and told them all of the symptoms she was having from this medicine. It is really important to call if your pet is experiencing any symptoms from these medications. I took my dog to the vet today and she received fluids and gabapentin. The company is reimbursing for vet costs. If your dog has reactions to this medicine, push fluids! Also feed bland diet- rice, ground beef, chicken, cottage cheese. I’m seeing an improvement in my dog, and am crossing fingers that this continues!
Bibi - Comment
Bibi07 Jun 2017Reply
Hi, I’m having similar issues. What number do we call for FDA? I am SOOO angry!
Sydney Halas - Comment
Sydney Halas07 Jun 2017Reply
I have already had a bad experience with "k9 advantix", so I refuse to buy over the counter drugs for my 13 week old Auggie. (toy aussie & corgi). I am extremely upset at myself for letting a similar but very serious threat get to my pup again. I originally wanted to get Nexgard, but for some odd reason, when I had went to my vet to pick it up, instead they gave me this. (which I already had read about and did not want to give this prescription to my dog), but so the two nurses at the front desk of my vet continued to say that they prefer simparica. Was not too excited about it, and I really should've declined it. The only thought in my head was to get home and give it to my puppy who has had few fleas, but many itching problems. I just wanted them gone and for him to feel better. He doesn't seem to be throwing up as much anymore, he did several times throughout the night though. And now that I'm reading all of these comments, a couple of hours ago, my puppy who I thought was sleeping, would be shaking and whining, (I'm used to him having bad dreams, and I'd wake him up from them). But I noticed that I had to "wake him' several times in only 2 minutes time, but he wasn't sleeping, his eyes were open and I saw them rolling in the back of his head! He would come out of it when I shook him, so I didn't think anything of it at the time. But now I'm almost convinced that they could have been seizures, and I just pray that they weren't, and pray that he doesn't have to experience anymore troubles.
I see that the active comments were over a year ago, but PLEASE, anybody who reads this and can inform me on any insight they have, please let me know asap what you think the deal is. I am so scared for my puppy. I just wanted him to feel better. Not worse
Kate - Comment
Kate07 Jun 2017Reply
My 11 week old pomeranian had a diarrhea 8 hour after i gave her the first does of Simparica Trio. So I started searching and came across this blog and my heart just sank. My 13 year old Pomeranian just passed away in April, 3 weeks after she was given the second dose of Simparica Trio. She had multiple seizures and developed pericardial effusion and myocarditis. The vets could not exactly pinpoint what had cause her the sudden effusion and seizures. It could be something else that had caused her all the pain she went through but I surely will not give my puppy Simparica anymore and I hope she is alright. I will have to keep an eye out on her.
Bibi - Comment
Bibi07 Jun 2017Reply
My vet recommended this HORRIFIC drug and I gave my totally healthy 6 months old pup one dose a week ago. That night he seemed a little uncomfortable, unable to sleep, and I didn’t think anything of it. For the next 3-4 days I noticed he would be a bit hesitant to jump or hop around and play as he normally does (and his appetite was lower than usual). It didn’t even occur to me it could be the drug as my doctor just gave individual pills and I didn’t get to read side effects. I would notice he gets super tired walking and would go limp in my arms. Then on day 5 my poor dog just couldn’t move. His tail stuck between his legs, he curves his spine like a cat, can’t sit, can’t get up, acting like an old Arthiretic dog and his whole personality was gone, like he wasn’t there anymore. I took him to the ER they checked his vitals and sent me home. Next day, he was suddenly 1000% worse, would not touch food, could not move. Took him back to the vet. They immediately denied they were in the wrong for prescribing because any meds can have side effects but I’m convinced this medication is poison. They want to test him for the MDR gene, put him on fluids and I have to take him in tomorrow for more fluids but he is not improving. His temp was high and white blood cells elevated. I’m so worried I’ve lost him forever and he’ll never recover. How can they put something that can cause this level of damage on the market and how do vets not even tell us to monitor our pets or tell us what the risks are. I’m beyond heartbroken, shocked, and sad. If anyone has suggestions or knows how else I can help my little guy please let me know. I check this thread regularly and I’m sooo grateful to all who wrote. Thank you!
Greg - Comment
Greg07 Jun 2017Reply
Doesn't anyone here wonder why?, if this is sooo safe to use with mammals, isn't there a human version also available? Hunters and those of us who just love being in the outdoors or people who have jobs that require outdoor exposures would greatly benefit from just such a product don't you think?, YET, there isn't one considered safe for humans. If fact it specifically states on the product label "Not for use in humans". Really? and you expect people to give this to their beloved pets? Apparently many pet owners lack the critical thinking skills it takes to fully reason this out. The company's thinking must be the profits outweigh the loses from any lawsuits lost... its important to note that the law treats animals as property and the fix value of a dog is quite small and limited. Humans are another matter. Please think these things through before subjecting your pet to internal insecticides. Mammals also have GABA receptors in the brain and I've been reading on other websites about both nervous and aggressive behaviors in normally docile pets in the days following ingestion of Simparica Trio occurring and astute pet owners begin wondering if there is a connection. This excerpt is from the healthline website and in reference to humans "GABA is considered an inhibitory neurotransmitter because it blocks, or inhibits, certain brain signals and decreases activity in your nervous system. When GABA attaches to a protein in your brain known as a GABA receptor, it produces a calming effect. This can help with feelings of anxiety, stress, and fear." Sound familiar? this is how Simparica works on insects who bite your dog. This is taken from the article printed above all these comments "Simparica works by impacting the nervous system of invertebrates such as fleas and ticks. The innovative formula disrupts gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and glutamate receptors, which both play a role in nerve transmissions. GAGA-gated channels help to calm nerve transmissions, which sarolaner alters, creating an influx of nerve transmissions. At the same time, it opens glutamate-gated channels, which adds to the flood of nerve communications." Now do you get the connection? Contrary to the statement in that same above article "The results are fatal for fleas and ticks but safe for mammals such as your dog." This is apparently not true and that's why the article never goes on to explain exactly why it only works on GABA receptors in fleas and ticks yet not affect the GABA receptors in your dog. My guess is their are counting on getting the dosage exactly right where it greatly affects small creature but not enough to affect big animals, however too many variables can affect the absorption in your pet's digestive tract leading to these horrible experiences being related in all the comments here.
Bibi - Comment
Bibi07 Jun 2017Reply
Thank you for this. Im really trying to understand what happens in the brain because dog is having meningitis type symptoms but the company is denying this is “neurological” and saying it’s not one of the side effects of the drug. like what??? I’m a new pet owner and this will sound ignorant I’m sure but I had NO IDEA this is how flea meds works and completely trusted my vet who knows my dogs past sensitive history and I was given the drug not even in its package so I could read anything about it but in individual pills. And he was on Comfortis before and did fine. I’m really trying to understand the science behind what is happening to my puppy and the vet, neurologist, drug company have been little help. Can blocking GABA receptors also cause inflammation of spine? I’m still confused.
Greg - Comment
Greg07 Jun 2017Reply
I not any kind of a medical doctor nor am I a vet however I do often research many topics on health related matters both canine and human for decades... and then use my common sense to draw logical conclusions or make reasonable guesses. I'll tell you what I can... meningitis is the swelling of tissue surrounding the brain and spinal column and can be cause by either bacteria or a virus. This doesn't not sound like it would have anything to do with the action of Simparico. So if your dog actually has meningitis then that wouldn't be related to having given him Simparico but a separate matter altogether. However a spinal tap of the fluid surrounding the spinal cord would be need to prove your dog indeed has spinal meningitis and then to treat for the specific bacterium or viral causes.
Bibi - Comment
Bibi07 Jun 2017Reply
Hi, we did a spinal tap and MRI, it’s not viral or bacterial, it’s called steroid responsive meningitis which essentially is the meninges inflaming on their own, but if you look in this thread you’ll see others reporting similar symptoms/diagnosis so I do think Simparica trio triggered/caused it. I’m trying to understand how. It definitely can cross blood brain barrier and cause other neurological issues so it makes sense it could do this too, but clearly they haven’t done enough research to understand how.
ElliotsMom - Comment
ElliotsMom07 Jun 2017Reply
I gave my morkie poo simparica trio from age 4 months until age 1 on advice of his vet. Initially I noticed minor tremors and twitching when he slept or was just relaxing. I did some research and because he seemed otherwise fine, I assumed it was "small white dog" shaking due to his breed mix. But then the first time I increased from 6mg to 12mg (again on advice of the vet) as his weight increased, the tremors got noticably worse and he started stumbling for no reason. I called the manufacturer (Zoetis) and filed a report, immediately discontinued the tablets and started to detox him. Zoetis claims it will be out of his system in two months and I should not see lasting effects, so I am hopeful but worried and telling everyone I know NOT to use this poison.
Bibi - Comment
Bibi07 Jun 2017Reply
What are you using to detox him?
Elliot's mom - Comment
Elliot's mom07 Jun 2017Reply
I'm using milk thistle and broccoli sprout powder, and going forward I'm going to use HWF Clean Heart for heartworm prevention. Dogs Naturally Market is a good source to check out.
Bibi  - Comment
Bibi 07 Jun 2017Reply
Thank you! I’ll look into it.
Audrey - Comment
Audrey03 Jul 2021Reply
I gave my yellow Lab, Sophie, her first Simperica trio. A couple of weeks later she had lost weight from not eating. I tried everything but she just didn’t have an appetite for anything. She has been diagnosed with thyroid problems and myocarditis. I’m not sure if the simperica is the cause. I do know that she was a healthy and somewhat energetic 10 year old before the treatment. No more Simperica for my dog! This drug needs to be pulled off the market!
Susan - Comment
Susan05 Jul 2021Reply
After being on Simparica Trio 6 months our cockapoo got extreme diarrhea and would not eat. Her protein levels dropped to almost nothing and stomach filled with fluid. She was being seen by her regular vet and was put on antibiotics. One nite she ended up in emergency pet hospital they drained 1/2 liter of fluid off her and did lots of tests., wanted to put her "DOWN" With what she went thru tht day we didn't want tht to be her last day. So we went home with her on steroids and more antibiotics and denamrin for liver. We are now back to regular vet with bloodwork every two weeks and still on meds and diarrhea but not as bad. With Entyce she is getting her appetite back and seems a little better. It's been a little over two months since her last dose and feel certain that is what almost killed her. We go for more bloodwork today and are praying for better news. We have spent well over $5000.00 and upset about all the horror stories we are now hearing.
mar - Comment
mar07 Jul 2021Reply
Hi i have only had my pup for about a week and a half i took him to vet and asked what would be safe to use since my pup is only about 11weeks old and weighs 4pds (prob less today) i gave him this medicine last nite and wish i would have seen this post sooner Now i pray he makes it thru the night. Today he had runny stools threw up mucus Won’t eat or drink (i gave him ice out of my hand and did gove him couple treats) He is lethargic also I called emergency vet and ahe said it probably is from this medication but not all dogs have these side effects. I am so worried after reading these comments. Will it get worse Will he get better? In the meantime i keep trying to give him ice and i am very worried that i have permanently harmed him
Marie - Comment
Marie08 Jul 2021Reply
My two cavapoo’s (two months shy of turning three years old), have had three doses of simparica trio for three months now. Yesterday one baby threw up four times within one hour of taking her chewable. The vet office called simparica hotline to find out if it was safe to give her another one. (My first warning sign right there). The office girl not the vet said if it my dog threw up within one hour after eating her pill - then it is safe to give her another one. So now after $90.00 spent on three pills this month, I decide to look up the answers myself. Shame on me for trusting the doctors that shrug off their responsibilities to the office girls for one thing. Both my dogs have had runny eyes and were eating grass all summer. Normal. I don’t know. But I have decided not to give the replacement pill today. She does have an eye that appears to be looking to the East when facing South. Oh Lord, back to finding another vet. I just wish I could find a vet who honestly loves my animals as much as I do. Seriously I have had the worse luck.
Linda - Comment
Linda09 Jul 2021Reply
Just gave my doxie (Bruno) this.... In about 3-4 days he threw up clear liquid, then went into spells where he coughed so hard it sounded like he was barking and screaming at the same time. After reading all of supporting reviews, I will never give him this again. Couple of days ago, I took my other doxie (Maddie) into my vet, for shots, he did the heart worm test and recommended Simparica. She has been treated by this clinic since birth. She does have history of seizures. Why would he knowingly recommend this? I will be changing clinics immediately.
RD - Comment
RD09 Jul 2021Reply
Vets are recommending this.
And there should be an alert for dogs with seizures, but vets are missing the connection or the history.
Jason - Comment
Jason11 Jul 2021Reply
Hi there, my dog has been taking simparica trio for two months. He had his second dose on 3rd July. During this period coincidentally I have noticed a change in his behaviour. He has become more aggressive and has been growling at me sometimes when I try to move him. He also lashes at me with his teeth. He never ever used to do this. He was a dog you could pick up anytime and he was good as gold. It may be that he is getting older as he is now one years old and he was neutered about three months ago. He seems sometimes anxious and is sensitive to noise outside. He has been barking a lot more than he used to. It could be a coincidence but seems too coincidental. I am going to try stopping the medication for a month to see if things improve. Just wanted to share my experience in case anyone else has similar experience with dog's character changing. I also changed him over to a raw diet a few weeks ago too have taken him off of this again to see if raw diet is causing it. I hope we get to the bottom of it as this is not fun.
Monica - Comment
Monica22 Jul 2021Reply
My vet recommended this for my Scooby he justed turned 8 on July 4 and had to take him to vet because of fleas since Monday when he got his first treatment of simparica he's been momping around the house and not eating his food. I will not be giving him simparica again.
Cali - Comment
Cali22 Jul 2021Reply
My lab puppies have been taking Simparica Trio for 2 months. My vet recommended the tablet to save on monthly costs for flea and tick treatment. Saving money sounds great, right? My dogs have been throwing up since then and I could not for the life of me figure out why. They are also drinking more than normal. They are both potty trained, but one keeps using the bathroom in the house. After doing more research on their monthly medication, I will no longer use Simparica Trio nor ever recommend it. There is a possibility it isn't the cause, but it is the only reason I can find and it aligns with the stories of others.
Lisa - Comment
Lisa26 Jul 2021Reply
We gave our 6 month old chihuahua one dose of the Simparica trio as instructed be our vet and she has been sick ever since. She had terrible vomiting and diarrhea for a week and also weakness and staggering three weeks later. I definitely will not poison her with this garbage anymore. I am so angry.
bulldogs r us - Comment
bulldogs r us27 Jul 2021Reply
my puppy was prescribed this and now is weeing more often than usual and still itching ! all my dogs were prescribed and my eldest dog has had a strange reaction hives all over his body, panting, restless started same night he took the pill but has had the product on previous occasions with no side effects but this time he had a that reaction,had to administer meticam for the pain and antihistamines for the hives - he is still not right after 4 days and my other dog louie has always suffered from seizures since a pup vet say possible epilepsy - managed without medication at present and I do always try to avoid medication with him as they always make his seizures worse - I am so angry for not researching this further before .. I shall be looking for a natural product from now on, k and g pet supplies on amazon do a good mange spray so hopefully that will be all they need from now on. oh I should mention shadow is our 8 yr old dogue de Bordeaux - he has never had a reaction to anything ever before in his life and has never needed a vet so this was not usual at all for him ..
Mary  - Comment
Mary 27 Jul 2021Reply
My beautiful Golden was switched from her previous Medicine to this one. She started it on 7/22. Today she’s been panting. Drinking water and peeing excessively. She vomited twice and became so lethargic that she couldn’t walk. She’s now in the Er. They are monitoring her. Her blood work came back fine. X-rays fine. I’m convinced the medicine caused this and now she can’t walk
Cindy - Comment
Cindy27 Jul 2021Reply
The exact same thing is happening to my dog now. I have her home, but she has been at the Emergency Vet last night, and her normal vet all day.
Elsa Louise - Comment
Elsa Louise03 Aug 2021Reply
I'm besides myself. My precious rescue has been sick twice, currently on her second episode. Made the pressured in to by a vet to give Simparica Trio. four times. Almost $4k in medical labs, hospital, ultrasound etc no answers. First it was a fake guess of Lyme (she's from Texas where Lyme is not) disease diagnosis and $1200 wasted. Tick titer came back a light positive which lab said was specifically false due to the recent lyme x2 booster i was scared in to giving. now almost exactly two months later, sick again with a fever and stops eating. Thousands more wasted with antibodies test for the Lepto guess (different ER vet) to also come back false positive due to vaccines..... my poor baby already had a rough life being abandoned. and now i'm on an hour by hour let's see if she will perk up. I feel like she's been an experiment to make others money. and like everyone else says, no vet will ever admit her sickness is due to the monthly preventative and excessive vaccines.
Cindy - Comment
Cindy04 Aug 2021Reply
My vet recommended Simparica Trio for both my dogs (13 year old healthy Collie mix 7 lb chihuahua mix). I gave them their 2nd dose, and 24 hours later, the Collie mix (Bella) was throwing up, lethargic, unsteady, drinking obsessively, panting, and could hardly walk. We spend last night at the Emergency Vet, and all day today at her normal vet. They did an ultrasound (2 of them), X-rays, blood test, gave fluids, did another ultrasound (looking for a master fluid that keeps popping up and going away between her stomach cavity & spinal cord. They still will not consider that it is the Simparica Trio. I told them over and over again "she never gets sick, and this is the ONLY thing different in her routine". I even said "I am reading a blog, right now, with pages of stories about this drug and the side effects". They keep telling me that she would have been sick from the first pill, not just the 2nd. She's finally resting at home, but still not able to walk, run, eat, etc. I will NEVER give this drug to my dogs!
Martin - Comment
Martin06 Aug 2021Reply
DO NOT give this poison to your pets. Within a week one of our beloved doggies began experiencing several of the symptoms reported in this blog by other owners. He's been in an emergency hospital for two nights, no signs of improvement despite blood transfusions and other symptoms. He's experiencing auto-inmune disease symptoms and we were told he is in critical condition. Vets have told us repeatedly that it can't be the medication. After reading all these reports I am convinced this is the reason our baby is so sick. Another one of our dogs also has had several episodes of suddenly crying as if she is in great pain and also began within a week of administering the poison (please don't call this a medicine, it is a poison intended to kill fleas and other bugs and in this case it can also kill your doggie).
Deanna Miller - Comment
Deanna Miller09 Aug 2021Reply
I wish I would have read these comments first. Just gave my baby her first dose. I want to cry I wish I could get it out of her system after reading these comments. Stressing out now.
Paul - Comment
Paul14 Aug 2021Reply
Was at the doctors 2 days ago for an emergency appointment. My French bulldog 2 years olds had a second attack in 3 days. His neck felt swollen and he was panting heavily gasping for air. He looked like he was having a seizure. The doctor did blood work and gave him steroids and said to watch him carefully for the next few days. Today the seizure like attack happened even though he is on the steroids. I started thinking about his history. A few months back he started with a morning vomiting always on his empty tummy. Then things got progressively worse. The only thing in his diet that really changed was his flea, tick and heartworm protection. Now Im scared ive been giving him Simparica Trio and it could be the cause of his progressively worsening sickness. Im switching back to the protection he used before Simparica Trio. It may or may not be the cause but I need to do everything in my power to bring my dog back to health. I hope I have found the culprit to his digression.
Christine Rowland - Comment
Christine Rowland18 Aug 2021Reply
My dog has been on simpatico trio for 5 months .. and still got a deer tick .. I removed it immediately ... She just tested positive for Lyme's. Now I have to pay $100's of dollars on meds to check her antibody and possibly put her on meds for life . I feel the manufacturer should pay my test bills and meds .. my doc talked me into this regimine of meds and my previous dog did well on sorresto color and heart word med .. any clue on who I contact ? I'm so upset
Tanya - Comment
Tanya20 Aug 2021Reply
My American Akita puppy took this pill on August 8th. On August 17th, we had to rush him to the ER because he was not moving. After the ER visit and a visit with our regular vet today, they concluded he is having neurological issues and that is why he cannot walk. I called the breeder, and she said some vaccines and heartworm meds can cause neurological issues. I just wanted to get another opinion before we move forward.
Connie - Comment
Connie22 Aug 2021Reply
Gave my 4 year old lab Simparico 2 days ago and she has had two tremor episodes and won’t eat. Never saw tremors before. Read the package insert and it does list tremors and seizures as a side effect. Will not use this again and will warn others
Nick - Comment
Nick23 Aug 2021Reply
Buddy 8 year old male Boxer formerly energetic and playful. Started downhill health issues with initial dose. Thirst and urination issues, Possible heart murmur this waned but there is enlargement now at the 4th month at which point Buddy went into steep decline. Just after the 4th dose he started to collapse at his feeding dishes on the floor, next we raised dishes and he did ok for being shaky but continued to decline to the point where he could not use dishes , and now cant eat or drink. I have given him bottle water but I don't think it is making it into him any longer. Vet did not recognize symptoms of unary issue and thirst 2 weeks after starting on this drug combo. This was days ago when I could still get food into him and the result. https://photos.app.goo.gl/GbP8UmDNBAxJ1m4g8 I feel like we are just waiting for him to pass now.
Dimitrie - Comment
Dimitrie23 Aug 2021Reply
Did your dog pass away? Mine passed within 24 hours of the first dose. He was a Shih Tzu

The first dose was also given to my two other Shih Tzu's and a Chihuahua and they have not had extreme reactions but are also not themselves. Threw up a couple of times, seemingly lethargic. May be too early to tell. This is so tragic
DebDavis - Comment
DebDavis24 Aug 2021Reply
This is so scary. I hope this product is no longer sold anywhere.
Judydiamond - Comment
Judydiamond28 Aug 2021Reply
Gave my 4yr old lab/husky mix simpatico trio in April and then monthly after. Ekko then started having seizures in May,June and July. Stopped meds and he has had 3 more seizures since. Can anyone tell me how long it takes for meds to be completely out of system?
Sarah L.  - Comment
Sarah L. 28 Aug 2021Reply
Sorry to hear about this happening to so many.
I have a German Shepherd 1 1/2 years old. She started having seizures 24 hours after her second dose of Simparica Trio in June. She continues to have them about every 2 weeks and we are still in the process of finding the right medication to stop them.
When I spoke to the manufacturer, they said it takes 55-60 day before clearing the system completely. I hoped they would stop when if wore off but so far they have not eased up.
I know it’s different for everyone but that’s the same answer I was searching for when all of this started.
Kj.diamond94@gmail.com - Comment
Sarah thanks for your response! When did you stop giving the Simparico Trio? Also what are you looking at giving your dog as a seizure medication??
Sarah L - Comment
Sarah L28 Aug 2021Reply
I stopped giving flea and tick medication all together since her dose in June that triggered the seizures. It’s been 3 months and she continues to have them. Since she is young, the vet started us with Keppra. We have been gradually increasing the dose but it hasn’t helped. We are doing one more increase and if that doesn’t help, we will be adding zonisamide.
How is your dog doing?
Dimitrie  - Comment
Dimitrie 13 Sep 2017Reply
I am both incredibly sad and angry. Our dog was killed by this poison within 15 hours after taking one dose. We trusted our Vet when he recommended this over Revolution topical anti-tic/flea medication.

My girlfriend was told by her Vet to take these Simparica Trio pills that were meant for 44 lbs dogs and up and break them up to give to our three shih tzu dogs and one chihuahua. So one pill was split in four to give to them all. This was given to them in their food around 4 PM on September 7th. Within 5-6 hours one of the Shih Tzu's, Ozzy, started showing very unusual symptoms. We took him out to go potty and Ozzy was trying to go but couldn't. He then got very lethargic and was moving very slowly. He did not want to eat food or treats whatsoever which was very usual for him. This was all a very quick progression. He then started throwing up occasionally and then continuously throwing up after everything he drank. This was around 10 PM at night. By midnight he would just stand over the water bowl, drink water, then throw up. We felt so helpless. The next morning he was taken to the vet and passed away at the vet's office. We're looking back and wondering if taking him to the animal ER would have done anything, but after reading these experiences from dog owners who's dogs passed away from this, the doctors wouldn't have been able to do anything. What mechanism this drug is inducing on the dogs or what complication it's causing is completely unknown to veterinarians, not just the dog owners. We randomly, yes, RANDOMLY came across someone else at the vet's parking lot two days after who had a dog that had permanent neurological damage from this drug and was compensated thousands of dollars from Simparica Trio.

We were in complete shock, sadness, and anger for a 10 year old Shih Tzu to go from being a happy, healthy, quirky dog to being buried within 24 hours. It wasn't until towards the end of his life we looked up this new medication we gave them and realized that Simparica Trio was most likely the cause. Nothing else has changed in the dogs' lives. How can a vet recommend this knowing the side effects and high chance that your dog can die or have lasting neurological issues? How much are they being paid?

As for the other three dogs (2 Shih Tzu's and 1 Chihuahua), it's currently August 9th and they are showing mild unusual symptoms such as diarrhea, throwing up every other day, and coughing with occasional heavy breathing. I'll be updating on how they're doing over time. I'm reading through everyone's comments and everyone is dumbfounded on how something like this can exist and how easy it is to trust your vet when they recommend something as seemingly innocent as tic/flea/heartworm medication. Our dog was stolen from us.

I'm sorry I started a bit of a rambling and rant but I have been very emotionally effected by this.
Dave Raybin - Comment
Dave Raybin13 Sep 2017Reply
Was prescribed Simparica Trio for my Catahula dog with no medical issues. The day after administering drug he had two incapacitating seizures. I returned to vet next day with him and was advised he was ok. The following day he died. This medication should be banned and the company held responsible. This dog was my partner and friend. He protected our livestock from coyotes for many years and I took good care of him. He was in excellent health prior to this incident.
nya - Comment
nya13 Sep 2017Reply
I went to banfield hospital and they prescribed this medication for my dog and had thrown up non stop since he was given the pill and wouldn’t eat anything and he passed away 10 days later (yesterday). He wasnt throwing up at all until he received this medication
Lashawn - Comment
Lashawn13 Sep 2017Reply
I gave my dog simparica at 10:15am. It's 5:53pm and he's acting very lethargic. And now I'm upset with myself for giving this to my dog without doing research. My dog has had 3 seizures in the past from wearing a flea collar. My vet is aware of this and prescribed simparica. I will post an update 7 days later. I wish every one the best.
Louise  - Comment
Louise 02 월 2021 일Reply
I gave my 1 year old collie cross Simparica flea and tick medication. Next day she seemed different, standing slightly strangely. The following day she got diarrhea and was extreemly quiet. By the evening she lost the use of her hind legs. We rushed to the vets who said it had to be neurological and once I mentioned the diarrhea she looked into Simparica suspecting MDR1 with my dog. Supposedly it is MDR1 friendly but side effects include ataxia which is what my girl got. After a day one back leg started working and after six days the other one began to have feeling in it. Over two weeks later she still can not walk properly. She has what is called knuckling. The vet has reported it (at least she too thinks it came from the drug) and a chiropractor checked her for the possiblility of slipped disc etc and said it's not that. She has been very unpredictable and snapping at people but this is improving. I am feeding her foods such as spirulina; b12 and a special healing earth in her dinner. I just hope and pray she gets better. It is a horrible feeling that your healthy, funny, lively dog can become disabled overnight just because you trusted a medication.
Mary - Comment
Mary07 월 2021 일Reply
I wish I had read these comments before giving this to my Frenchie. I should have know it was a sign when he spat it out. He has been very lethargic, he was an extremely playful pup. Twice I have seen his eyes roll into the back of his head (petti-mal seizure?) He is fully housebroken and just had a running stool accident in the house. I just want to cry!
Tawny B. - Comment
Tawny B.14 월 2021 일Reply
Hello to everyone and I am so sorry we had to meet under these circumstances. I to also gave my best friend Simparica as recommended by the vet. All we want to do is take the best care of our animals and trust the people (Vet's) who specialize in this to do what's right for them. Instead it has become a world of greed. My 1.5 yr old German Shepherd was a happy, playful healthy dog until this Poison and now I blame myself for what she is going through. A day and a half after her 3rd dose of Simparica she had a really bad gran mal seizure and we though she was going to die. 24 hours later she had another one. After spending the day at the ER Vet where they did bloodwork and several x-rays all coming back normal, they sent her home with Keppra. She went 11 days with no seizures and then had another gran mal. Then a week later 2 more just 24 hours apart then a little over w week later she had 3 in 24 hours. The Vet's are so busy that even if you can get in you don't get anywhere. I called my Vet and waited all day for them to call back, useless. All they care about is the money and not the animal. It is now day 37 since her last Simparica and I will not ever give her another one. It has been 5 days since she had the 3 seizures in 24 hours. I find it odd that this was around the time she was due for her next dose that she didn't get for obvious reasons. She has good days and bad days but she is far from the dog she use to be. She is scared of her own shadow, walks into things at times, trips and stumbles, has become very timid, stares at the wall and has to have either me or my husband in sight at all times. She gets anxious and paces if I run into the grocery store even though my husband sits in the car with her. I hate that I did this to her and I hate that the Vet does not seem to care. I also am seeking information as to if there is a class action suit against this company because there should be. Even with what she has been through we have to wait until Dec 1st to see the Neurologist as there is only one in the State of Maine. I did find another one in New Hampshire but I know like everyone else that all we be negative just like all tests done so far. We are already close to $2000 in Vet bills not counting the poison we bought her. We were told the Neurologist would be between $10,000 to $12,000. Is it just me or does it seem like everyone is in this together? How can it not be the Simparica that did this to my baby when nothing else changed. After reading all these posts that sound so similar to what we are going through. I just cross my fingers every day that she will get better after this is out of her system. I know it's still in her system because I am still finding dead ticks that I miss because they are the size of a sesame seed. Ticks are horrible here in Maine. Please anyone let me know if there is a class action law suit or where we can start one? I don't want another animal harmed by this stuff, one animal is one to many. I am so sorry to all of you and my heart goes out to you and your babies. I will do anything to stop this from hurting or killing anyone else's baby. I won't sleep until we all get the justice for our babies that don't have voices of their own. #JusticeforCassie My thoughts and prayers are with you all as I go through the same thing with my beautiful Cassie girl.
peggy  - Comment
peggy 14 월 2021 일Reply
My son's girlfriends 2 year old pit bull mix rescue dog just had to be euthanized after a week long battle with the side effects of a flea/tick med.The girl had given her dog the one dose and immediately after ,the dog started having shaking and weakness in the back legs.Took her to an emergency vet.Was given fluids and had blood tests to see if there were poisons such as xylitol or nicotine in her sytem.No problems.$900 later..jsu 2-3 hours on fluids she was released with no answers.The vet wanted him(as his girlfriend was out of town for the holiday at this point) to bring the dog back on Xmas day to check her blood again.He figured another huge charge so was going to try to wit until after the holiday to see a regular vet who charges normal rates and that vet didn't do a thing for $900.00.The dog got progressively worse.Couldn't walk ,couldn't eat ,couldn't bark.Eyes were darting from side to side.Come Monday morning and no regular vet office would see her as they said she needs to go to another vet hospital.They wanted 2,600.00 from my son right up front for an overnight stay.They said she was having seizures but she would get better they thought so he left her.The next morning they said she needed more days in the hospital.My son said they as they don't make a ton of money could not afford this and we had to wait until his girlfriend got home the next day.He wanted to take the dog home.They said they would keep the dog for free for 12 hours..Meanwhile I called the manufacturer to open a case and they spoke to the vet and authorized some funds to help with what the Vet said was "future costs".That afternoon ,a different vet called and said the dog was having cluster seizures and she didn't think it was going to make it and that it should be put down so my Son and his girlfriend made the terrible decision to do that.My son was with the dog and her owner face timed to speak to her pet as she was being euthanized...a terrible tramatizing ordeal.Next thing you know,my son gets the ivoice from the Vet and it is over 5,000.00. I understand them charging for the Euthanasia and cremation but they said they would keep her for 12 hours and she was put down at around 3:00 which was 1/2 the time they agreed on.Now he will get none of the fees back that the company offered for the dogs care, and hey don't have their dog .On top of that they have 3,500.00 vet bills.Why are vets allowed to charge so much?...it is more than a person.It really seems as though they don't care about the pets or the people that own them Also why is these types of flea meds still on the market and why is there no legal action available for the poor consumers.I feel like they were legally assaulted by all involved and let us not forget the poor 2 year old rescue dog who ended up having a terrible short life.How unfair.
Adrienne - Comment
Adrienne15 월 2021 일Reply
my dog became extremely itchy all over her body. after a few months of this i decided to go back to Sentinel and Bravecto. Itching has decreased immensely. After reading all your entries, i'm thrilled i chose to take her off of it.
Heidi - Comment
Heidi22 Nov 2021Reply
I sadly started my beautiful dog on Simparica Trio on May 1, 2021. By June 7th, she had a rash over most of her body, itching and biting herself to bloody raw spots. She had a beautiful coat of fur. She's a Brittany (Spaniel). She also started drinking excessively, and peeing in the house. She also started with ear infections. The vet insisted it was not from the Simparica Trio. She went on 2 antibiotics, and medicated baths twice a week. Her last dose of Simparica Trio was given to her on October 1, 2021. I am hoping it is almost all out of her system. She is healing and has no new rashes or sores. I am so mad at myself for letting the vet talk me into this. She had been on the Seresto collar and Tri-Heart for 8 years with no issues. Once she is completely healed I am putting her back on those. This was the only thing we changed, I am convinced this is what did it to her.
Jack - Comment
Jack22 Nov 2021Reply
Simparica has caused my 12 pound 5 year old Jack Russel Terrior mix to have leg tremors and have trouble walking, jumping, or running. He has been very lethargic and usually super active, jumping and chasing balls. He has trouble raising his leg to urinate. Vet says Simparica is not the reason for his condition, but he was totally fine prior to taking Simparica!!
Lizzie B - Comment
Lizzie B23 Nov 2021Reply
Thankyou to everyone who has posted their dreadful experiences of this drug. Was checking out before using . The whole packet is going in the bin !! Not even going to risk it .
Fleas and worms need to be managed but not like this.
Marge - Comment
Marge02 Dec 2021Reply
Has anyone experienced cardiac issues while under anesthesia on this medication?
Mark - Comment
Mark08 Dec 2021Reply
For 5 years I have resisted my veterinarian’s suggestions for oral flea meds. I had always thought how can something so lethal to fleas an ticks be safe to ingest? In a weak moment last week she prescribed Simparica for a flea problem my 5 year old Springer was having. We started the medication on Dec. 1st and 3 days later it started with vomiting and loss of appetite. She hasn’t eaten in 3 days and is unable to go up 2 simple steps. She walks around as if she is on ice with no control of her back legs. Been also very lethargic not wanting to get out of bed. Hoping that these side effects don’t get worse and subside soon . Called Vet tonight and got a first appointment for tomorrow morning . Reading all these similar cases can’t figure out how the hell this crap is still being prescribed. I hope and pray for no long term affects. For those who lost their dear companions from this medicine my heart goes out to you all. This sure seems like this happening way too often . I should have kept with my gut feeling about any of these oral meds.
Rachel - Comment
Rachel20 Dec 2021Reply
I just started my 80 pound pit on this same medication yesterday. 12/18/21.. he did experience some diarrhea. Around 9pm he was barely able to jump up onto the couch and was extremely hesitant to go up the steps. This morning (12/19/21) was a bit better, still hesitant on the steps but we didn’t experience any loss of appetite and was eager to go outside (still some diarrhea though). He has been resting most of the day so far, thankfully no seizures.. but I promise I will not be giving him the other 2 doses I got from the vet after reading all of the experiences everyone else has had with their animals. Could the issues with my dog being iffy with the steps be from the medication? It’s hard to say since he has previously been diagnosed with lymes. I would absolutely rather be safe than sorry.. no more simparica trio for that guy.
Rachel - Comment
Rachel20 Dec 2021Reply
Update:(12/20/21) my dog has now been able to go up and down steps with no hesitation. The diarrhea also went away yesterday evening. He seems back to his normal self and playing with his toys, but we will not continue the following doses! Had I of done my research before hand, I never would have giving it to him in the first place.
Lucy  - Comment
Lucy 31 Dec 2021Reply
I wish I would have researched this before giving it to my puppy who is only 10 weeks, he has the same symptoms . I only researched it after he started not feeling well, just trusted my vet that this was safe. I want to thank everyone who posted I could not find enough information on other sites.
Rebeccca - Comment
Rebeccca31 Dec 2021Reply
How is your puppy doing? I wish I would have seen this site before I gave it my Matty.
Rebecca  - Comment
Rebecca 23 Jan 2022Reply
I just gave my Matty her first dose. I’m now scared half to death. I wish I had seen this post first. I wouldn’t have given it to her.
nancy - Comment
nancy10 Feb 2022Reply
I gave simparica trio to my 10-year-old Havanese. The next morning, she had uncontrollable tremors and could not walk without falling down. Today is day three and she is a little better, with fewer episodes of tremor and more often able to walk without falling. (On Monday, she fell down several times in an hour. Today she has fallen 2 or 3 times in the last 8 hours). I am trying to remain confident that my poor girl will recover. My vet seems skeptical that this is related to simparica but it seems clear to me, although I realize that anecdotal cases don't prove it. I'm not going to make her a test case by giving her another dose next month.
Judy - Comment
Judy10 Feb 2022Reply
Gave my 3 month old, 3 pound shih tzu simparica on Sunday night. Tuesday morning she woke up with horrible diarrhea. Vet gave her a shot which stopped it. Wednesday morning at 5am she awoke with bloody diarrhea and it turned into just blood. Vet put her on metronidazole which is working. No way I will ever give it to her again. She had some itching and a bit lethargic but is eating very well. iI hope she will not have any other problems. I will use Sentinel and Pet Armor on her as this is what I have always gjven my dogs with no problems.
Diane H. - Comment
Diane H.19 Feb 2022Reply
Just had my 1 yr old goldendoodle to the vet because he has had 3 seizures in the last month. His first was a week after taking his simparica. He had gone to a new groomer and when he came home he had a seizure. He is otherwise normal and healthy. I called the vet and they said it was likely brought on by stress. He was very anxious when I left him and picked him up. He has been getting groomed since he was 3 months old but we've noticed that he has been getting more anxious with time. He has been on simparica since he was old enough to take it. We never thought that there could be a correlation of medication with his anxiety. He is very friendly with other people and pets and never had an issue in that regard. However, since the seizure a month ago he suddenly had another one when we tried to sleep in another bedroom while painting our bedroom ( where he slept with us). The following morning he had another small seizure. His blood work came back normal but the vet called me to ask if his simparica somehow coincided with time of the seizures. As I said, the first was a week after taking it, then the 2nd and third seizure happened at day 29. Meaning he is suppose to get it today. The vet said not to give it. My pup is scheduled to see a neurologist Monday ( today's friday) to evaluate. I've read that simparica takes 35 days to get out of their system. Im wondering if after it is out of his system or have I now poisoned my baby where he might have a seizure disorder for the rest of his life. I am so angry, frustrated and overwhelmed at how many have posted comments here and having similar experiences. I'm also wondering if his anxiety is related as well. I pray for my baby to be ok and all of you who are in this battle. I hope there will be a class action lawsuit but most importantly that the word get out to stop this medication from harming another life.
Stephanie  - Comment
Stephanie 19 Feb 2022Reply
My dog is a 13-15 yr old rescue shitzu mix. He was on comfortis oral for years with no issues. Supply ran out, switched to Simperica. Not Trio because of all the seizure horror stories. He has bad allergies and oral works best. Fast forward to now almost a year later. I have a completely different dog. It could be age, it could be something else. He now cannot go in the car anymore. He shakes and pants because of all the noises (turn signals, cars, radio, ect. ). All phones have to be on silent in the house. He can’t handle those unexpected noises. Even ones on tv, he is shaking for an hour. He is scared of his own shadow at night (this may be him loosing his eyesight slowly) but now I’m putting two and two together and all this started happening more and more after he started this medicine last year in May. He got his last dose last month. I am not giving him his dose this month and seeing what happens.
Mary Devaney - Comment
Mary Devaney01 Mar 2022Reply
My 5 year old Bichon Frises, Ivy, was on NextGard for years. I did not notice any side effects.
Last summer, I began giving her Trio. Sometime later she had trembling, leg spasms, and
pain. She was up all night crying and shaking. The next day, I took her to a veterinary hospital
and she had all sorts of tests-to know avail. Her back legs have continued to have spasms. I
did not know to connect her symptoms to Trio until I saw these entries. She has knee issues,
so I thought that was the cause. I hope stopping the medication will allow her to return to her
previous health. None of the veterinarians even asked about what flea meds I was giving her.
Mary - Comment
Mary14 Mar 2022Reply
My Jack Russell Terrier has taken Simparica Trio for several months. While she has not had seizures, trembling, or spasms, sometimes she just squeals and jumps up for no obvious reason. It sounds as if she's been pinched while sleeping although nothing visible happened. Could this be caused by the med?
Sherry - Comment
Sherry15 Mar 2022Reply
After reading all reviews, im taking no chances on giving The MED to my 9 mo old maltipoo rescue. My 15 yr old doodle wasnt given bravecto because of reviews. How can you give a dog a pesticide to ingest. Glad i held off on the free sample i was given!
Cheryl - Comment
Cheryl22 Mar 2022Reply
I wish I read these side effects before my vet recommended Simparica Trio for my 12 week old Bichon. She had the treatment yesterday and seemed ok. But today she isn’t eating well, had a bout of diarrhoea and is very tired. If she continues I will be going to the vet. I will not be continuing with this treatment. Why the vets use this treatment after so many side effects being reported is disgusting. I’m just hoping my sweet girl is going to be ok
Jon Preston - Comment
Jon Preston23 May 2017Reply
My English Springer Spaniel(Sadie) received her first dose of Simparica Trio at 12 weeks old, with no noticeable side effects. Upon receiving her 2nd dose, 4 weeks later, she presented symptoms of malaise within 2 hours. By the following day, she was showing symptoms of marked neurological impairment, similar to a human having suffered a stroke. She had right sided weakness, with right sided neglect( the inability to process stimuli with impaired spatial recognition ). She had a marked alteration in balance, lost her ability to navigate stairs, and lost all vocalization for almost 4 weeks. She would constantly twirl in left circles. My vet reached out to Simparica Vet Rep, who, I was told, stated they were unaware of this neurological side-effect? She is now 2 1/2 months post event. Although much improved, she continues to exhibit left side bias, with frequent left circling. I am a physical therapist, and acquired Sadie to serve as a Therapy Dog in our clinic. As of today, Sadie's ability to eventually meet the strict certification requirements in that pursuit, remains guarded, although her progress prior to this event had been stellar. Thank all who have posted to bring this subject to light.
Valerie  - Comment
Valerie 23 May 2017Reply
I gave my 10 month old Yorkie the Simparica Trio dose provided by Banfield when she was spayed. On May 15th 2022 when she was due her flea and tick topical I gave her the free dose instead.Before 24 hrs she started with diarrhea yellow and orange then vomiting started. Were now into day 2 no changes except add a continuous walking into the next room turn around come back sit down just to repeat several more times. This has gone on for about half of the day. Her poor top underside of her tail has raw skin the hair is completely gone like burnt off from diarrhea. I am so worried about her I called to explain and was told to feed her chicken and rice and if she isn't improved take her to Emergency Vet Hospital. I keep praying she will recover and I feel so guilty for giving it to her. If she comes out of this I will return to heartworm pills and topical flea and tick meds. I have every intention of calling and filing a complaint. If anyone has discovered what can help please let me know.
Janet - Comment
Janet07 Jun 2017Reply
I gave this to my #3. 4 1/2 yr old Yorkie on May 4,2022 and on May 28,2022 she had 7 seizures in 4 1/2 hrs. Was hospitalized for 2 1/2 days. Today June 1,2022 she is still having neurological problems. I’m so angry at these drug companies and vets for selling this crap. I argued with the vet that this is poison and she said why would I give your dog poison? Yes I’d like to know that answer myself.
Mag - Comment
Mag07 Jun 2017Reply
Hope all is well .my dog is 3,ive had him on Simparica trio for about 1.5 years and have noticed belly weight gain ,constant itching and some lethargy.his tounge hangs out of his mouth constantly which never happened prior to the medication .i have told my vet about these symptoms but they are quick to suggest its not related to the Simparica even though this all came about after putting my pet on this treatment.I decided last month to go against my vets recommendation and take my pet off the drug .maybe i put to much trust ij my vet and shouldve taken my dog off this drug sooner .better late then never .anyone suggest a tick and flea treatment less harmful for dogs ?? Thannks !!
Karen  - Comment
Karen 07 Jun 2017Reply
As I read all the comments I am so alarmed. Our vet pushed this new drug for this tick season claiming the drug we used previously they had 11 dogs in the previous year were diagnosed with Lyme disease and they no longer had confidence in that drug. We administered the first dose on Wednesday June 1st to our 9 year old bouvier flanders. The next day Bella’s stools were quite soft but still had some structure. Bella is very consistent and normally has two bowel movements but hubby noted an increase in bowel movements and their amounts. Friday early evening Bella’s stool was still soft with structure with the outside color almost black but the inside was tinged with lime green. Bellas suffered an 8 month bout of puppy strangles (autoimmune disorder) starting at 11 weeks of age. She nearly died. 8 months of prednisone and around the clock nursing care at home saved her life. So you can imagine my worry now. Bella is a very anxious dog and is my husband’s shadow. She seems more anxious now and really attached to hubby. She is still eating but she is drinking more water. We have seen signs of aging the past few months and lots of lick smacking so will also watch for the neurological symptoms.

Since reading this forum we will not continue with this drug. And pray we don’t see anymore symptoms such as seizures, tenors, lethargy, loss of appetite. My question for folks in the thread is - did you see a delay in symptoms in your dogs? Is it possible she will worsen?

Thank you posting your lived experiences. Education is key. And will save both dogs and heartaches in families. To the owners who lost your dogs - my heart goes out to you. I know your pain.
Karen  - Comment
Karen 07 Jun 2017Reply
Update June 7th. We contacted the company using the phone number supplied in the under in the box and shared our experience with the new drug. They were good to deal with. They kindly asked that we schedule an immediate check and diagnostic testing at our local vet. Blood work + urine sample. Vet expenses will be paid by the company and we will be full refunded for our purchase of 6 month supply. The vet and company are in consultation. Bella continues to drink in excess of normal amounts. And urinating more often as a result. She definitely is not herself and behaving strangely. She keeps running through the house as though looking for something. And she keeps whining. Overly anxious. And then when we finally stop for the evening - she crashes. I will update once we have results from diagnostics.
Kathy Herring - Comment
Kathy Herring07 Jun 2017Reply
My 18 month old dog has had Sim Perica trio
for the last year. The rescue we got him from gave us a few months supply when we adopted him and he seemed fine on it. I gave him his monthly dose yesterday and a few hours later me had a siezure.
I’m sure it’s from that. Thank God he seems fine today. I will not be giving to him again!
Eliza eth - Comment
Eliza eth07 Jun 2017Reply
My 9 month old puppy started acting very lethargic after taking simparica trio. He had it once before with no issues. This time he just kept collapsing, bloated appearing, vomit, and diarrhea, and hiding with his face down and nose in carpet. We took him to vet and they gave nausea meds and kept him overnight. They got him to eat a little the next morning and sent him home. By Tuesday evening symptoms came back worse. Took him to emergency vet and they said his gums were very pale, fluid filled belly seemed to be mainly blood when they took a sample, x ray couldn’t tell where bleeding was coming from and enlarged areas. He wouldn’t survive surgical attempt to go in and try to figure out what was going on. He had to be put to sleep and I’m devastated.
Paula - Comment
Paula07 Jun 2017Reply
I gave this to my 2 rescue frenchies.. 2 days after 1 of them threw up..she didn't want to eat and started stumbling..leaning to the right, I thought vestibular but that is old dogs disease..I took her to the vet, did bloodwork that came back ok..she is on steroids and anti nausea meds..she is eating now..drinking alot and acts like she is deaf..she is only 6 yrs old. I know it's the simparica...really sucks, I should have never given this to my dogs
Sujata Rout - Comment
Sujata Rout07 Jun 2017Reply
I have given Simparica to my Seven years old labrador male as per the advise of Vet on DTD.23/05/2022...after that he had taken no food and slept all time and little bit water....first of all I think it's happened to heat wave of climate but suddenly I guess it has the side effect of Simparica... thereafter I rushed to the Odisha University of Agriculture and Technology..after blood test...the vet. Doctor prescribed the salyien with some injunction but all are in vain..my labrador has same issues till date...my vet.not says anything about the side effect of the Simparica..i m now helpless..pls help me what should I do.. please help me to rid over it...pls pls ..guide me
LaDonna  - Comment
LaDonna 07 Jul 2022Reply
Those with Diarrhea symptom, did it look like mucus in their pets stool?
James P - Comment
James P08 Jul 2022Reply
My vet gave us Simparica for my newly adopted Chihuahua yesterday. I wanted to investigate a bit before dosing him.
I’m not going to give it to him after reading the info here
I do need to give him something
WHAT IS A SAFE ALTERNATIVE? If it needs to be more than 1 pill that is ok. Thanks
Kimberly Cheatham  - Comment
Kimberly Cheatham 11 Jul 2022Reply
I have a chihuahua/miniature pincher mix dog thats 9 yrs. old . The vet suggested Simparico trio . He had been on it for 4-5 months . He was lethargic & laying in his crate alot . The door is open , its where he prefers to sleep on a doggie bed . But anyways - the other night , his feet collapsed from under him & he fainted . Then he came too . My family saw it , I did not . It was 11:30 pm . So the next day was Saturday , me & my husband got up early . I got my dog Josey up to let him out to pee. He walked outside peed then tried to come back in the house but his legs gave out . He collapsed & went limp in my arms . I realized he had no control over his body . I started crying carrying his body to my husband . My dog is 9 yrs old . My husband said , get dressed we’re taking him in . We got to the Animal Hospital . They drew blood & took a fecal sample . They said , he has a “Autoimmune Hemolytic anemia” . His immune system is destroying his red blood cells . They gave him a strong shot of prednisone that was good for 2 days . Then gave me pills of prednisone for him to take 1 pill twice a day . Then the following week 1 pill every other day . He is just laying in his crate . I put water with electrolytes by his cage & food . He drank not crazy about dog food . I bought chicken last night he ate some of that . I just hope he has a turn around . He was a normal dog before the medicine Simpatico Trio . I just hope he makes it to his life expectancy . Im praying over him too . For all symptoms to be reversed & to return to normal . The reason I had stopped it , I saw a Instagram where a girls dog took the
Med & started having seizures & had to get her dog on IVs . She warned about using it . I didnt renew my monthly dosage . Now, the side affects are hurting my dog Josey .
Susan - Comment
Susan11 Jul 2022Reply
Our two shih tzus are 6.5. They were taking Simperica for flea/tick and Heartguard to prevent heart worms. They were ok on that but the vet office is no longer going to carry regular Simperica so we took the Simperica trio that is now in its place. First month, the one threw up, same thing second month. Vet office said make sure to give with food. So this month. he didn't throw up but he doesn't want to go to bed at night and he just paces around the bedroom and sometimes goes under the bed. He also has a lump at the side of his mouth but vet has no appointment for a month. I don't know if the lump came from it or something else. Both of them aren't eating like they were. I thought it was them not liking the food and made a change. I feel its from the Simperica trio and will not give it to them ever again.
Dianna - Comment
Dianna24 Jul 2022Reply
Started giving my dogs Simparica Trio 5 months ago didn't put together the changes in the one dogs personality until today within a couple of weeks she would all of a sudden go from a loving dog to attacking the other dog it is getting worse. I am starting to get scared they are both 80 lbs and the other dog is. around 12 years She grabs and won't let go
Lisa C - Comment
Lisa C12 Aug 2022Reply
I have been telling everyone not to give this to their furry ones!!!!!!!! before i even gave to my dog small doxie i asked the vet about it and they assured me it was safe since she was and i say was a healthy dog. now seizures daily on all sorts of meds for it and the cost with medications to try and control seizures and vet visits and mainly seeing my once healthy playful full of life pups having seizures daily even in her sleep breaks my damn heart !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i know this med did this to her , she was on for a year and half , i should never ever have listened to the vet and went with my gut, but again they assured me since she was healthy be very rare she would have side effects smdh and plus been in contract with the makers of this horrible medication they all should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!!!!!! best of luck to all whose furry ones have gotten sick from this and as well hugs to those who lost their beloved pets.
Stephanie  - Comment
Stephanie 16 Aug 2022Reply
Just gave my three year old Poodle this crap and his hind quarters gave out and he started having a seizure. He has no appetite. This is terrible. We are going back to the Seresto collar next month.
Ami Frye - Comment
Ami Frye16 Aug 2022Reply
Dog Owners Be Aware!
I know this is long, but please read.

It is with a heavy heart that I share this post today. Our sweet beloved Jack passed away on Friday while I was teaching at school. Our son was home and called to say that he believed Jack was dead. While I have no evidence or autopsy to support my theory, it is 100% what my heart and mind believes took the life of my dog. I am sharing this with everyone in case your dog is on the same preventative care medicine, Simparica Trio.

Of my own accord, due to the fact that topical flea medicine was not offered any longer at my vet’s office, I chose to purchase a heartworm/flea/ tick preventative medicine called Simparica Trio. As advertised to love your dog and give them the best preventative care. So, sure, why not try this out this year. I purchased a year’s supply of this medicine which was supposed to help my dog. I gave him his first chewable tablet the first week of May. At the end of May, Jack was exhibiting some strange behaviors of disorientation. He was stumbling and had some temporary loss of leg control. We immediately assumed it was an ear infection (as he was prone to get), so we took him to the vet. He did have an ear infection so we had medicine put in his ears and moved forward without much worry about the imbalance, which can come with ear infections.

This behavior progressively got more intense each time we saw it throughout the summer. I gave him his June dose at the first of June. Never relating or seeing that this medicine had a warning that it may cause neurological problems in SOME dogs. It was a preventative medicine so I never realized or even thought to look to see if it would be the cause. I proceeded to give our dog his monthly dose from May through this past week in August. He slowly continued to show signs of disorientation that was worsening to at least 1 time every week by the end of July which would result in what appeared to be a type of stroke or seizure.

We took Jack to the vet 4 times over the summer concerned about this. With each visit to the vet, we mentioned it and they were concerned too, suspecting that maybe something neurological was happening with him. We never discussed the possibility of his preventative medicine or that he was taking Simparica Trio. They were worried as well and were getting ready to do blood work and a possible mri if he didn’t improve this week. I was literally supposed to call on Friday to share how he was doing. I planned to share that he seemed some better, but that he had an episode on a Thursday night. Before I could make that call Friday afternoon, I received the call from my son.

After Jack’s death on Friday, I have been searching the internet for how in the world my 6 year old healthy dog could have passed away so young.

I truly believe that this preventative medicine is to blame. I only wish I had read the label and realized that he could have passed away from something that I had given him to prevent problems and to help him. The what if’s will always be in my mind of if I had realized it and stopped the medicine sooner, would he still be here with us? If your dog is using this medicine and exhibiting any strange behaviors such as disorientation or temporary loss of control of limbs- take him off this medicine and use a topical or something else.

Jack’s episodes were short at first and then lengthened. He was always “fine” afterwards, but apparently it was taking a toll and impairing his brain and internal organs to the point that it resulted in his death. Again, I have no “proof” other than these behaviors started with this medicine and then he died a little over 3 months later, as he got worse with each dose. I don’t want anyone else to suffer from the loss of their pet because they didn’t realize the preventative medicine they were on was actually harming them.
Tommy - Comment
Tommy21 Aug 2022Reply
Our boy Axel had been on Heartgard his entire life. About 11 months ago our vet recommended Simparica Trio. 3 months ago he began having seizures, he had one every day for a week. Our vet recommended putting him on phenobarbital. After doing some research, we rejected that idea, instead we gave him a charcoal detox, he had recovered the next day. Don't trust your vet, do your own research.
April - Comment
April21 Aug 2022Reply
Hi, how much charcoal did you administer? Did you do this yourself or let the vet? thank you
Hanna - Comment
Hanna13 Sep 2017Reply
Simparica trio was the last medication our 7 year old dog was given and now she's completely blind. I would NEVER recommend this medication. I do believe it caused her blindness. Never any issues with bravecto so we'll return to that medication.
Shannon  - Comment
Shannon 13 Sep 2017Reply
I have my 10mth old Iggy her first dose and since having this brand she has been shaking for the last 10 days we have been to the vet she has had IV fluids to push the drug out of her system and has had valium but all with minimal affect!!! Never would I have thought that this would happen, I believe that since this product has been around for a while it should be okay...... But now I tell everyone just be aware that this product does have the potential to cause neurological harm
Annette - Comment
Annette01 월 2022 일Reply
Do you think that Simparica could cause excessive licking by my dog. He licks his lips all the time?
Sandy Crabtree - Comment
Sandy Crabtree02 월 2022 일Reply
I gave this poison to my almost 3 year old Yorkie she is dying as I right this. Oh how I wish I had know the side effects of this medicine I would never haven given it to her.. the company that makes this poison should be sued
Connie - Comment
Connie09 월 2022 일Reply
My 8 month old labradoodle has had 2 doses of Simparico Trio. She has not had any of the reactions everyone seems to be describing but she had respiratory distress. The vet did a nasal lavage under anesthesia and got a lot of mucus. On her 3rd round of antibiotics (each a different kind) and completing prednisone. She still coughs, sneezes and brings up lots of mucus. Does any one think this could be a reaction to Simparico Trio?
Tracy  - Comment
Tracy 09 월 2022 일Reply
My 3 year old cockapoo is having the same issue with mucous since being on Simparica. And my 1 year old cockapoo has been having regular seizures and her blood work has come back indicative of liver dysfunction. I am taking them both off Simparica.
Mary - Comment
Mary01 Nov 2022Reply
Can my dog still get Lyme disease from a tick that was in him. He does well on Simparica trio and also has the Lyme shot ? Just a little nervous !!
Alam William - Comment
Alam William02 Nov 2022Reply
Simparica may show slide side effects in a few dogs like tremors, unsteadiness, and/or seizures but else it is Tested and FDA approved suits to 90% of dogs
Arlene - Comment
Arlene02 Nov 2022Reply
Yea so what about the 10 percent? My one year old has severe diarrhea and is very agitated and anxious. You don't think I'm going to continue with this poison. This should be taken off the market-it's just a BIG pharmaceutical moneymaker at the expense of animals and their unsuspecting owners. Shame on you!
Patti G - Comment
Patti G12 Dec 2022Reply
I gave my dog simparica trio. She is shaking and panting heavy. She has been on it for 6 months
tracey - Comment
tracey17 Dec 2022Reply
I am wondering if simparica has a side effect of sneezing. Gave my girl tablet today and all good for hours, but now she won't stop.
Tracy Griffin - Comment
Tracy Griffin09 Jan 2023Reply
Please, nobody ever give SIMPERICA I have always given Frontline never anything else never had any problems my vet which was not my vet, but a person that was hired in there suggested some Perica that was the worst mistake of my entire life. It wasn’t even four hours later all four of my dogs were throwing up, lethargic sick as hell didn’t think they were gonna make it three pulled out my little Mr. weenie. My miniature Dash hound did not pull out. He had kidney failure he had seizures he had nervous system problems. He had no medical problems before this, and I took him to the vet every year he ended up dying two weeks later , I took him to the vet first they told me he wasn’t gonna make it to leave him there and I told him no if he isn’t gonna make it, he’s going to pass away in my arms at home with me and his family why took him to a different vet not the same one I confronted the woman that gave me that medicine. She looked it up and said they were a ton of recalls and she admitted to me that that is what possibly killed him because it was on the recalls and they’d had mini dogs come in for the same issue. This was January 15 of 2020. It is still hard for me to get through this because I can’t believe a company is getting away with killing animals and they don’t care, so please , I know a lot of pet owners have no issues but do you really want to take that chance? Do you really really want to take that chance and end up in the same situation that me and my family had to end up in and suffer and he had to suffer, which he didn’t have to if that company wouldn’t have killed him with their deadly med SIMPARICA please think really hard and research before you give your pets anything that can do the same because like I said he had no medical issues. None of our pets did they were healthy.
Arlene - Comment
Arlene17 Jan 2023Reply
I have had German Shepherds for 40 yrs. My last one lived to almost 15yrs old and I truly believe it was because I had him on Springtime Garlic tabs. That was when I lived in Fort Lauderdale. Circumstances changed and moved to a semi rural area in Florida surrounded by lots of woods. Got a new GS when the old one died. I was using the garlic tabs for the previous dog because the vet put him on Trifexis and he vomited like crazy. Each month he got sicker and sicker. So new pup goes on garlic tabs-as he growing I'm upping the amount because I wanted him to be protected. I never missed a day. Then he starts scratching and as time goes on he seemed like something was wrong. I never saw a flea because he has a very thick coat. Them I took him to a vet for check up and to my horror, he has fleas and a tick. Vet says garlic doesn't work and obviously it didn't because he shaved a little of dogs fur and put it on a paper towels and it was full of fleas.The vet gives me Simpirica-ok fleas are dropping off him like crazy. Then suddenly dog has diarrhea and it lasted for several days. I thought maybe he got into something. So here we are on the 2nd dose. Again he has diarrhea and this month he seems agitated or nervous. This morning I caught him chewing the end of his tail and eating his fur. Now his tail looks like a rat tail. No more of this poison for him. I knew it was bad from the onset but the vet said I can't take a chance on him getting heartworms because the mosquitos are so bad not to mention fleas and ticks. Also I read on Dr Mercola site that heartworms is in the dogs blood not the digestive track and garlic won't work. If I still lived in the city, I would probably use the garlic because the previous GS never had any issues and lived a long time. Back to the vet and I hope they credit my money. I paid $120 for 6 months of poison. I am so sad to read what is happening to some pets. That sh-t should be banned. Pharmaceuticals are killing people and pets😡😡😡
John Kukucz - Comment
John Kukucz04 Mar 2023Reply
Gave our Brit simparica in October and shortly thereafter he had a seizure. We were not sure it was simparica. We gave our guy one dose about a week ago and same day he had had a seizure. Way too much of a coincidence. Never again!!
Mei - Comment
Mei02 Apr 2023Reply
When my puppy was 2 months old he was "gifted" his first dose of Simparica Trio from his vet. I gave it to him later in the month which was followed by a neurological event (ataxia, wetting himself, disorientation, and tremors). When we took him to the emergency vet they waved us off when we brought in the package, inquiring if it was the cause. They told us he had likely ingested marijuana- despite us having no marijuana in the home and him being supervised on walks. The next month, at the end of the month, I again have him his de-wormer. The ataxia, peeing himself, tremors started again. I took him to the emergency vet and swore up and down that he could not have ingested a toxin. They watched him for a few hours and sent us on our way with a bill, again citing that he must have ate something. The next month on a sunny weekend, we have him his meds and took him on a walk with his basket muzzle. An neurological event took place again. We took him to a different emergency vet who took us a bit more seriously and looked into his sugars and liver bile levels. They then told us to follow up with a neurologist if it happened again. In January, he was boarded and the boarder asked us if he could possibly be blind. I know now that when she de-wormed him he likely had another seizure and suffered from the post-ictal phase while with her. She sensed his anxiety and uneasiness as him having sight issues. In February, our life was upended and I forgot to give him his de-wormer. He had no events and seemed to be a healthy and happy animal. Now it is March, on Tuesday I gave him his de-wormer and Wednesday he had a seizure. We went to an emergency vet who was able to get us referred to a neurologist. I saw the neurologist yesterday who printed out a list of drugs that a dog with seizures should not take. High on the list was Simparica Trio. My dog was under the 6 month mark that most dogs start idiopathic epilepsy, he could not have had a history. Now we are out thousands of dollars when every event has been triggered by Simparica Trio. He likely does not even have a seizure disorder- just a reaction to this de-wormer that I was assured over and over again was a great thing for him to take and couldn't possibly cause this! I am devastated. I feel like I have been poisoning my puppy for months at this point. I am so fortunate the neurologist printed me that paper and I'm so glad that we can discontinue this medication and hopefully see him return to the quality of life he deserves!
Donna Siemen - Comment
Donna Siemen20 Apr 2023Reply
My 13 week puppy got simperica and began massive diarrhea and it was every 10 minutes. Given amoxcillinand probiotics. Took 5 days. Also got uti thinking from runs. Now she has a choking cough
Frankie Bunch  - Comment
Frankie Bunch 23 May 2017Reply
I need to know if 5 days later after my dog took it he's acting lethargic or would that be a sign of someone poisoning my dog
Wendy  V - Comment
Wendy V07 Jun 2017Reply
I gave my 2 year old Airedale his Simparica Trio this morning . He’s been on this for about 5-6 months. Today, about an hour after the dose he started just staring at the wall he did go for a walk but walked slowly and ate grass which he never does! He, won’t even take a treat, he is breathing hard and he is so lethargic. He has walked some in the house but it is slow, his tail is tucked down and he just stands curled around himself. I’m so worried! He is usually a ball of energy 24/7 , hates being in the house unless he gets too hot and We make him come inside . He even got on our guest room bed and lay back there for an hour by himself- he Never gets on the beds. I’m so worried. We won’t be giving this again . I never had this problem with Interceptor and Bravecto!
Kelly - Comment
Kelly07 Jun 2017Reply
This medicine is causing my puppy to lick chew her legs and feet raw she's never done this before and it's horrible it's intensifies after taking her outside this is insane I don't recommend at all
Amanda - Comment
Amanda07 Jun 2017Reply
This stuff is absolute poison. Our 6 month old poodle has lost so much weight we can see his little bones. He has seizures and rarely sleeps. We won’t be using this again. Ever!!!
Betty  - Comment
Betty 04 Jul 2023Reply
Gave my four legged baby first dose of Simparica and also first dose of apoquel on 6/10/2023. She vomited several times and after the second dose of apoquel. I couldn't wake her up and couldn't feel a heart beat. I finally got her awake. The rest of the day she just laid on the sofa. I stopped the apoquel and gave her one benedryl for several days .She is fine now but I'm afraid to give her the Simplification now..My question is what is a safe flee and tick medication. What does everyone use that is safe and also works.
Sheryl  - Comment
Sheryl 23 Jul 2023Reply
Can simparica trio cause excessive panting at times in some dogs?
Maggie  - Comment
Maggie 07 Aug 2023Reply
Has anyone had GI issues after giving your Simarica Trio? My dog has had unexplained bloody diarrhea and we suspect due to the timing that it could be the medication. She has had this several times and has been tested for parasites but none are ever found. It resolves and then it mysteriously comes back. This cycle has gone on for months. I’ve read that side effects include vomiting and diarrhea. She never vomits and her appetite is good. We are stumped.
Elizabeth Bryles - Comment
Elizabeth Bryles17 Aug 2023Reply
My little terrier mix has been fighting a skin reaction and we took her to the vet after that we have switched her foods but it continues to be a problem. We have started to use the Simparica Trio starting in March and I believe that’s when it started but not too bad to see the vet yet. I’ve done the bathes, changed her foods and nothing has changed so that’s when I took her to the vet. Since it hasn’t really cleared up but hasn’t gotten worse, I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. Please get back to me. I really can’t afford all these tests and shampoos. Just need to know if I should stop this medication please help thank you.
Molly Lubke  - Comment
Molly Lubke 11 월 2023 일Reply
My 10 year old dog has been on the trip for about 6 months now and is starting to have spots where she's losing hair...seems healthy otherwise but wondering if this could be a side effect? And after reading all of these horror stories I'm not sure I want her on this stuff at all anyhow 😳😳
Kathy - Comment
Kathy20 Nov 2023Reply
I have had mine on year now no problems I adopted him he tested negative to heart worm disease took to vet to meet 2 months latter and very shocked he tested positive but thank God I did because he was in earliest stage no signs. He did great during treatment then vet put on this chewabl..I can say people who don't give preventive taking a chance. My doggie is staffie terrier and other breeds. It's expensive buy 6 month at time......
J - Comment
J09 Mar 2024Reply
Gave my 4 year old her first dose of simparica trio last night. There was blood-tinged urine in her bedding this morning. She never peed in her bed before. Now she seems lethargic and I am scared.
William Nye - Comment
William Nye06 Apr 2024Reply
Gave my elderly Staffordshire Terrier simparica trio. He weighs 48-50 lbs . within 12 hours he became agitated, as time accrued he vomited, became lethargic and developed diarrhea along with tremors to his rear legs. The diarrhea morphed into sticky, tarlike stools almost impossible to pick up. Finally after more than a week the digestive issues have eased but he has basically lost the use of his left hind leg. My vet has me monitoring him as his overall health signs seem relatively normal. Do not give this treatment to elderly dogs!
Heather Tokash - Comment
Heather Tokash21 Apr 2024Reply
After 2 monthly doses of simparica trio, I had to put my beautiful dog down. She had full body seizures the first day and a few days later lost her ability to walk due to extreme weakness of both her hind legs.
Anne Barber - Comment
Anne Barber07 Jun 2017Reply
Has anyone’s dog developed UTI’s after being placed on this medication?

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